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30th March, 2019


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Transparent, fully customizable theme

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Dorina Ferenci

is it only me where it doesn't let me download it?


how do i custom it?


Thank you so much <3 it is completely customizable and very beautiful

Thirty Percent

Bruh how do I customize it, I dont know where or how to do that.

??Niladri Ghorai ??

go to profile settings scrol down find theme open open theme folder opthe the folder where the theme downloaded cut that theme go to the theme folder paste it close it and you r done


Its almost not costumizable


lmao its costomizable lol -,-

Kalvis Kalni?š

The user is typing... is black and really stands out. I think that should be fixed

Dylan Zheng

When I click on a discord server, on the left side where all the channels for some reason go back to the normal grey discord theme

Presiyan Penkov

I have the same problem, i hope the developer fixes it soon, this is really one of the best themes out there

Carolyn Xiao

how do i use it?


Add me on discord:Skele-UFO #8687 I will explain it.

Alyssa P

can you please change the picture back to the old one? (the thumbnail one)


yea i need that picture

looks pretty


Yeah, can we get the old picture? It looks so nice. I really hope they revert it.


What's your settings for this Theme


Is there a way to turn off the thing where the 'NEW MENTIONS" aren't blue?


can u please update it the stream button is covered by the video and screen share also top left where the home button should be the top line is just blinking the color for some reason

Latoria Falkenberg

Theme is bugging out today, can't mute the server properly anymore. Whenever I hover over "Mute Server" the mute option for 15, minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or until I turn it back on is at the bottom of the screen and not clickable anymore, it's not working with the 1.5 version or the original 1.0.0 version.


Please Add A Miminize Button Tysm

Nasko Ovardov

How to write the special text "Karaoke Night" and the Image.


That's just the image.