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8th March, 2020


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Changes the status icons to wrap around the avatar. Shape can be changed inside the theme file.

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Czarek Karasiewicz

I cant download. I have the same problem as user ???


You somehow didn't see this banner?


Cant download it. I dont know why, but i cant download some Plugins and Themes. The DDOS Verification always loads again...


so i have this theme and when i click on the user, that minipopup is transparent, may i know what will get rid of that, the theme is calm and clean streets i think

Anshu K

Hi Gibbu, would u please take this comment into consideration because i think this would be more popular if u made a plugin because if someone already had a theme they liked and when this is a theme it wont work like a plugin and people would have to sacrifice their theme just for an outline.

From : Anshu.K


What are you on about?
You can enable more than 1 theme at a time.


Yes, you can turn on more than 1 theme. xd


is it possible to make it so the member card isn't affected by this theme?
theme looks great otherwise :D


Not without recoding the entire thing


Hello friend, could you make a status only old?

I like that a lot, it's the old status of the discord, thank you very much!


That idea is not worth a entire theme. Join the BetterDiscord servers and ask for a snippet there.

Discord is cool

haha this status go brrrr and the original status go boom


I finished downloading it, how do i add it in discord? i've been reloading discord quite a few times now, but it seems it won't work.. uhm i need help.,?


This is a really quick and easy tutorial to follow:

LB80 Gamez

im new to this website. how do i actually downlod this bc there is no download button


The is a big blue button at the top left of the page.


yo, gibbu, you make the best themes imo, but how do i know its applied?


Cheers mate. You know it's applied if the like the screenshot.


welp the invisibility color for both others AND yourself only shows for like half a second, then goes to the default gray or whatever color you have for offline


and yes i can confirm that invisibility did show for others on your DM list but the invisibility color for others and yourself broke yesterday


Rest in peace, Radial Status. You will never be forgotten.


It's not dead?

Nigel Fernandes

how do you change the color

Zane DragonBorn

If Possible can you move the Mobile icon on the status as if it was there by default? Having it were it's at right now is a bit strange


I cannot. Discord's avatar structure is very limiting. I could definitely move it to the far right but that would create incompatibilities with other themes.


The mobile icon is kinda messed up


It's not messed up. Discord just made it very limiting.


Can u fix the streaming status to purple because it glitches out


nvm i fixed it myself

BC User

Amazing! Atleast it works very well atleast there is mobile status! and more!

Ashton Pyr

I noticed that in the coding itself, there's a note that says the invisible color only replaces your own, but some people who appear offline have the same color.


It's a bug on Discords behalf. Most likely will be fixed soon.


When someone is on moblie it looks weird, maybe remove the circle if people are on moblie? or putting the icon after their name could also look good


Moving the icon after their name is possible but that will mean every theme would have to add compatibility meaning the theme wouldn't work right at the start for all themes.
Removing the ring while on mobile is an idea but just would look weird.

Mishal Mansoor

Hey, the thing isnt popping up for the Bandaged BD, when I drag it into the folder, tho other themes work, fix?


Make sure the filename doesn't contain any (1), (2), ect...

Mishal Mansoor

Ah! It works, thanks!

Lucas Bairros

could you put Radial Status in the chat too? just on the lists is a little uncomfortable


Not possible with a theme. Download StatusEverywhere By Zerebos


Hey, I've seen people using your plugin and being able to see people who set themselves to invisible as a different colour (Purple or something) to the offline mode Gray. This may be the wrong place to post this, but I was wondering how I could alter my RadicalStatus like this.

(Btw really good plugin, nice and simple and sleek, keep it up!)


They are lying. The data that Discord sends for Invisible is the exact same as Offline to end users. Meaning there is no way to separate them. The theme only allows you to set your own invisibility colour.

Also this is a theme, not a plugin.


It is possible to see peoples invisible status, if its a bug or not its still nice to have. it seems to only effect friends or people u had dms with so people in servers will still appear offline. pls dont fix.


Ahh true. It does seem like a bug. Just Discord Thingsā„¢


how tho

zureta st

Wait, is this a theme, or a plugin? can I use this one while I use another theme?

zureta st

Well I tried it, and it looked just beautiful


well I will trust this theme is verified and my account will not be banned


Themes cannot do anything to your account so you're safe of that half. But plugins can do whatever they want. That's why you should only get your plugins from this website as they're all completely safe.


How can i make a theme?


By following this guide
But how is that question related to this theme?

Vertex Gaming

i think he meant how to install a theme or maybe he want to make his own theme xD

Micah Thompson-Ryals

I have a question, what's the name of the plugin that makes the chat text colored


Ahhhhhh Coloured Text in the BetterDiscord settings. But why ask on a theme not related to it at all?

Morgan Dusty

make it not a status but a role color


Not possible with just a theme, a plugin would be required to create this.

Morgan Dusty



I installed it and now, it's there but I can't disable it and it's not in my themes nor in my pugins folder. What should I try to disable it?


Try disabling your Discord Cache.
Open the Dev Tools (CTRL + SHIFT + i) > Network > Check Disable Cache > Restart Discord > Uncheck Disable Cache.


I tried this, I don't know, if this made a difference, but I found out that it's tied to my Frosted Glass theme (yours) so if I turn that off, the status is back to normal. Should I just reinstall the theme?


Did you use my website editor and enable the RadialStatus theme there?


I did use the editor and now that you mention it, I did enable it there and that explains why they are together. :)

Intro Creator


Ashlee J

Is there a way to disable the typing indicator being in the middle of the user icon? It's conflicting with TypingIndicator by l0c4lh057


Unfortunately no.


it doesn't show in my plugins folder


It's not a plugin. It's a theme.