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28th December, 2018


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A simple & clean dark theme for thoses who live at night, made to be easy on the eye.

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When in a call, are the video, sharescreen, mute and end call button supposed to be off center and in different places?

C - Daniel Coutinho

Gostei do tema :D


Looks good, but a bit too claustrophic for my taste, e.g. the message box being so far at the bottom.


I can't post sticker fix it please.


The friends list is buggy, it keeps stuttering


this theme is god damn fantastic.


Games that support invites throught discord, don't make chat textbox go up, and there is plenty space up there. It looks like that: Can you fix it?

Aayushya Patel

Can I not change the cloud with moon on the top left, I want to make it something else

??? ???????? ??????????

I have a problem, the theme doesnt work in the area where the text and voice channels are, while it works fine in the other areas.
i have tried many things like disable/enable, delete/install the theme, restarded discord and the whole computer but nothing fixed.
Uptade: I have tried another theme but the same problem appeared, so maybe this isnt something coming from your theme.

David Rosales

if you find a solution remind me

??? ???????? ??????????

It works fine for me right now, i just enabled it again after a couple of hours,
i did nothing else.

xd Avxry

the box where all og the channels in a server are, is not in changing when i apply the theme. what can i do to fix this?

Josh Peters

The room panel has now gone grey for me today after a crash, I have tried re-installing bd and the theme, clearing cache ect. any fix?

xd Avxry

i have the same thing. also dint know how to fix it

Ben Foley

this is probably the best one ive seen its so nice to look at

Nikolai Myklestad-Karam

I cant find where to put the link so i can change the background. Helps pls

Asaf Berger


Asaf Berger

lol alot of caps

XC RunnerS

this is the best theme ive ever used, some issues with the new community features but its still incredible!


I can't seem to load this theme into my discord I did all the necessary steps but It just doesn't work, can someone help me? Add my discord 'Rainx#6009'

Ben Foley

hey have you figured out your problem?


When overlay on and playing a game when you close the game the option on a call to share the game is still there


Real good, makes my eyes feel good


Amazing theme. One issue though. When someone is typing, and you scroll up on the messages, it misaligns the text (the text which says "%user% is typing...")
Here is an image of what I mean:


just curious if it'd be possible for you to make a version of this with squared avatars, servers, and all that? Otherwise great theme :)


So cleaaaan! How can i get the same background in profile like in the picture?


can you add option to change Background(url) picture


Is there a way to change the color of the gradients? cuz that would be soo cool :D


Does anyone know how to change the color of the message box?


Como que adiciona uma imagem nesse tema?

How do add an image to that theme?

Jeyson CC

God damn. I'm new on BD and I just found this. It's perfect, dude, wtf. The gradients and colors, f*ck. You're a genius, man.


This theme is probably my favorite though I find the shadows behind text kind of weird. I much prefer it to be flat. Is there any way I can turn them off?

Aras Dr?lia

Love the simplicity! It's truly Better Discord.


Why can’t we see full audit log?

Cosmo Galaga

The gradients here are so simple and divine. It puts the eyes to rest. Real nice! :D