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10th October, 2018


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A simple but highly customizable theme, now sugar free!

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Pangus Khan

For everyone asking how to edit
open the file in notepad, the file itself will instruct you for the rest


Really nice! I've been looking for a theme that looks very nice and has very clean and smooth user interface. My computer sucks and it ran this perfectly fine! Half of the other themes made me spike by like 40% more CPU. Discord used 40% CPU with other themes, this made it use 2% ONTOP of the nice and clean UI.

Recommended if you have a bad computer and want a clean smooth experience.

Aayushya Patel

I messed around with the code and changed the images and now I have one of the coolest themes ever!

Daniel Erin

how do u edit

Daniel Erin

i got it

Nex Zen Gaming

how to edit?

????? ???????

ya dude how, you cant just say sumthing like that and bail

Luke Pixel

Is there a way can I change the size of custom fonts


looks really really good amazing job my dude : D

Mitra Faith

how do I customize


im also wondering

DiaBlox558 _

some of you will thin k that i dumb but hey
i cant make it work it downloads it as a notepad and idk how to put it on discord

Jimmy Johnson

I like this a lot. It works, but there's only one problem. I can't see the badges next to the name

loo b

are ya winning son

Zoey vd

everything is black to me, it looks cool but its all black, i cant read the settings AT ALL cuz its all black text as well

got this fixed but now ehh
the scroll bar is way to slim
if i try to scroll i keep making my discord screen smaller cuz its too much to the side

Frauns Schnechlezhimer

Why can't I download this theme OR get the source code??


This Theme is DAMN NICE, but there's a slight problem... When you don't have a status on, and your name has a non-capital "g", it cuts out part of the bottom of it, but for the rest... This is absolutelly breathtaking


Oh and another thing, the offset from the top, is too high, cause I should be able to click "X" from the top right corner, but it won't let me, I have to click almost below the "X" button instead... THAT is annoying.

Curtis Hill

If you combine this new Neutron theme with the other theme (Nocturnal) It looks amazing! Good job with both of these themes I love them



RaYaNeO_Dz xD

who to download

Seymen Pirinç

The backplan looks black on me

Alexandru G.

How can I add it in my discord ?

Digging a Hole

Hi, um. So I was wondering if it was possible for you to, maybe in the future, add a code so that we can change the darkness of certain sections of discord? Almost like Frosted Glass by Gibbu? Thank you, cause I really enjoy this theme and the stuff you can customize.


So uh, I don't know how to make the gradient background css. I go to a gradient css maker, and don't know how to get the link for it. :/


The background is an image that is blurred by the theme, you can edit colors/images/blur & more in the theme file


I liked the previous one :(


This is the same theme. but with different default colors/images.
You can easily change them in the theme file

Ethan Yatsumaru

You could have transparency before, with the new one you can't.


yes you can