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14th April, 2019

Midnight UI

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A clean, dark, and modern user interface for DiscordApp. Fully customizable through the theme file.

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dont editing


Hovering over a server will make the small UI completly white is there anyway to fix it ?

Finn-Luka Schmidt

Where can I turn on my Stream?


Is there a fix for the bugged fullscreen stream? The screen gets cut in half with fullscreen.

Jae Trevino

No messages are displayed when theme is enabled.

Ptb 75395 (e4061c a)
BED 0.3.5
Host 1.0.1001
Injector 0.6.2
Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.19042)


Hey pls we need a fix on this we cant start a stream and we cant mute the stream from our friends or leave the stream

Anonimowy Anonim

Idk it's just me but i have problem about bot verification icon what appear under bot name (it's suppose appear next to bot name). Also when i want to read server name it's really difficult because of font and bg color in some kind light grey.
Edit: When i join voice channel i can't stream and also friends stream looks like moved too much to the bottom.

PK Zenii_Boiii

I love how its just a Mac background lmao

Cedric Dewaerheijd

Hey is it possible to deactivate de blue bar at the top?

Carlos Martínez Fernández

Same Problem here!

Rishi Bappanad

The theme is perfect, but whenever I want to watch another stream, it only shows the top 3/4 of the stream like this.

Wàrÿth O?kût

It doesn't support the new reply function but so far its still working as what the image provided.


I like this theme, but when I try to go Live and stream into a VC, it does not give me an option to go live.


Hello. A part of midnight isn't working anymore and i can't manage to find how to fix it. The menu on the left isn't working anymore, the regular discord menu is displayed


I don't have the desert image is that normal ?

Yoav Kaspi

I cant add or remove role from users. the X next to the role isnt there.


I found a fix for this to remove/add roles right click on them hover you mouse on "roles" and then move your mouse to the part where it has the roles move your mouse precisely so it doesnt go away and then find that role and click it and its removed/added this is probbaly hard to understand but hope it helps.


is there any way to make the emotes better? example: in this photo you can barely see any emoticons. and this is normal discord:

GamingEN More

the fix dont work for me! it dont get detected


I cant turn on reduced motion pls help


some users are missing

pls fix

i know these duds are cringe


folders of servers have massive empty spaces at the bottom, the more servers in the folder, the more empty space there is at the bottom of the folder


unable to scroll to the top of member list


nvm there is a fix. as suggested below in a previous comment use this link


is there a stream/camera button when you're in a call?


To fix the broken members list go to settings and then themes and open the themes folder, then go to google and paste in this link: and it should download the fixed version. Drag and drop it into the themes folder and you should be good to go.


Anyway you could reply to me with just the css that changes avatars into squares? i cant find a working theme for just that anywhere, if not i understand


Why does the member list get stuck everysingle time I turn on the theme?


Like, I can't scroll UP to see the full list.


its an issue with the code, if you open up settings there should be an area where you can enter custom css. If you go there and you paste the source code that's on tropical's git hub page and then go to line 2435 hit enter, and paste in "padding-top: 145px !important;" and then update and save it it'll fix it. It usually ends up breaking again later though and its really annoying, I don't know why Tropical doesn't just fix it himself on here so that it can be permanently fixed for everyone.


So like i cant see the text or whatever when someone types


Not intended for Compact mode.


I got my member list fixed using the Custom CCS but for some reason I'm not able to see the share screen and camera button on the bottom left, it only shows the top of the button not all of it. Please help


How to fix the Side Bar scroll issue:

  1. Download BetterDiscord and Install it.
  2. (Go to this link and Copy everything. (Credit to Snow-ias)
  3. Paste it into the Custom CSS tab in the settings.
  4. Go to line no. 2435 and type (Credit to Snow-ias)
    padding-top: 145px !important;
  5. Update and save.
  6. Enjoy youre new Gui.

P.S- If youre having perfomance issues, go to Settings, then go to Appearance, turn off "sync with computer" and enable motion mode (Credit to Tropical)

Zoey vd

in the custom css screen it doesnt let my type anything anywhere
no option for me to open some weird screen to type it either


yeah there isnt a 2435 lane


Just a quick fix for the member list, go to line 2435, press enter and add this:

padding-top: 145px !important;

It's a quick fix, and you can see it also screws with group dms, but it works regardless for the time being. Enjoy!


where is this line i can't find it


Isn't working


"Unexpected Token" :(


Ahh ok, I see your problem here, you're going to need to get the base css code from the github link. What it's doing right now is its importing code from a website to your discord, you need the code it's importing. Here's the link that's provided in the code you get from here

All you have to do now is do what I said above and it should work.

Gabe Kindt

i added that and it didnt fix it


Whoops, meant 2435, not 2345

Mist GG

An update to this, you can add:

.members-1998pB {
    padding-top: 145px !important;

Within the "Custom CSS" field of better Discord. As well as the following to temporarily fix the stream buttons (it covers up the text channels a bit unfortunately, trying to find a fix for that)

.actionButtons-14eAc_ {
    bottom: 65px;
Zoe R

Member list is bugged, cant scroll all the way up for some reason


Read my comment


I love this theme but there is a few things that i don't like about it or need to be fixed

  • it's not funny scrollable in discord servers
  • i don't like that my custom status and profile picture is at the top
  • the squares for the discord server doesn't look any better then a circle for the server icon

I love this Theme. Only sad from the Member list. But I can life with it. But do hope it will be fixed soon!


read my comment

Bryan Yee

The user sidebar is bugged. You can't scroll fully to the top


read my comment


Plz update this theme :( Button "Go Live" is very needed in this theme)


forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, but im having problems with seeing everyone on the member list tab, it always wont show members at the top if that makes sense. love this theme btw its visually stunning

Indian Roti

Yea there still hasn't been a revision I believe. Probably the creator isn't active anymore :p


read my comment

Jordan Johnson

I cant see any messages on it, everything works fine but the messages and stuff doesnt appear, I cant see anything


I cant see any messages on it, everything works fine but the messages and stuff doesnt appear, I cant see anything

Thoughts 3rased

Where's the go live button? I can't seem to find it


Sadly it was made in 2019, there is no go live button.

ChristianWowGaming HD

cool theme but the custom background thing doesn't work at all. i cant get it to work

Miguel Z.

This theme is dope. very well made just hope you can make double server columns.


It's SOO NICE, but badges won't show...

Potato _king

You should add double discord server columns, good job on the theme tho :D

Miguel Z.

I second this opinion for 2 server columns.


it looks like uplay


Hey this is a very cool theme but I can suffer with the theme but unfortunately I cannot go live with it.
You can do what would be very nice thanks anyway


The theme is very detailed, but there are no two buttons "video" and "screen demonstration" when connecting to the server's voice channel.

-NAME ChannelTM-



I have a weird problem where my text is not there in chat boxes, i can see text for names, statuses and everything but chat. Images dont show either.


Not intended for Compact mode.

Duc Nguyen Minh

i have issues with 'video' and 'go live' button, its had been cover under " voice connected"


If you are having performance issues with Midnight, enable reduced motion mode. It disables un-needed animations and removes some extra effects.


how do you enable it, I cant switch it on

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Make sure to turn off "Sync With Computer".


The Theme is actually good but it has a lot of lag like Low FPS


To reduce lag, you need to go to settings, then go to Appearance, turn off "sync with computer"and enable Reduced motion

Sam Vermeersch

Nice, we need more themes like this!