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28th June, 2019

Great Mountain Site

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The great mountain site with a great view of the moon in front of it

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Automne 123456789

do you guys know why i can't install any theme?

Dorina Ferenci

i can't either, most of the themes it doesn't download for me


does anyone have the link of the raw image of the theme?


Go into source code and find them but here,


Hello, i was wondering if it would be nice if you make the background brighter or just make it black/clear


hey bro, well i use a theme of yours the great mountain, there are stains in the sentences, do you know how to solve this?


go to source > my themes> great mountain, youre then gonna use ctrl f/ search in this page, type the word text and look for: text-shadow: 0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black; look at what number it is and copy the whole entire thing, paste it in custom css, and remove text-shadow: 0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black,0 0 23px black; from the code click update and save, if you need help add me bah#7478

Der Angercore

The bars in Voice and Video need some changes.
Else its very good

Alif N. Soeparan

very very very cool and nice


whitecats osu theme nice XD


Lol I thought I was the only one that noticed it


I can't use this theme


I think that would be REALLY great if you put a line when there's new messages, just like the original version of Discord. I'm a little bit lost because of it.

keano rivera


Yahya Naveed

For some reason the member list on the right side is not themed properly. I think it'a a bug


The recent Discord update messed a lot with the members list. I've had the same issue and had to switch themes in the meantime until the devs of the other themes resolve the issue.


This is great! One suggestion is to edit the transparency. If I view another users profile in my server then I can see messages through the open window...


works great! thank you

Ask Le

Love the theme but one problem is that the avatars and the name are zoomed in.


If you look through source code and the thing, you can find where she mentions avatar, you can change the size, i havent found out how to fix the name yet


It's one of the best in the library right now, but as " Suwaati R. " says it is a bit glitchy in contact related to compact appearance.

Suwaati R.

Love the theme! However, it becomes glitchy when in the compact appearance.

Intro Creator