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26th June, 2019

Frosted Glass

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Display your picture of choice with adjustable blur and brightness via variables in the theme file. Discord Dark theme is required.

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Ethan Roberts

anybody help me please? i can't download it. are the servers down?


You somehow didn't read the giant banner at the top of every page?


alguem pode me ajudar eu tou com um poblema que eu nao conssigo baixar nenhum tema da sempre um erro?
alguem pode me ajudar?

Alex Bond

Loving the theme so far! Definitely in my top 2 BetterDiscord themes for sure.

I did run into one bug that you may or may not be aware of however. On MacOS, the borders beneath the server list column and the rest of the window (channel list, chat, member list) do not line up. I honestly have no idea if this is even something you can fix, but just wanted to point it out. Here's a screenshot showing the exact issue.

Thanks for the theme!

??Îtz_Füçkiñg- Ïñsômniãç??

Um..I'm sorry but for me the theme do not work.It's only showing the image but i canot Interact with anything in my discord

Anv-Ani Baj-Nai

Hello, Yesterday I had Frosted Glass up on the discord website, since I'm using a css editor. I wanted to see what BasicBackground would look like so when I put BasicBackground up and tried putting Frosted Glass up again, and it went back to the default discord screen! I have switched to BasicBackground and back before and it was completely fine so I don't know what went wrong. Also, I edited Frosted Glass and BasicBackground with your editor, but I don't think that's what happened. Is this just some bug or something?


I can't seem to edit this theme? Every change i do does nothing. I tried changing the background and slight tweaks on the blur and its still the default background and nothing changed. help

Baut _

How to change the purple buttons?


grate art work very beautiful , and better than the depressing default discord


Can you send me the original picture?
I want it for my desktop.


I made several custom themes with this and the online editor . Really easy to work on . Base theme is also amazing .

Red Scorpian

is it possible to get the transparency to blur? instead of having the desktop background coming in sharp, but have it blurred?


I'll have to install Glasscord

Iconic Nick

For Those Of You Wondering How To Get Rid Of The BlackBorder Heres How
Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and change --window-padding: 20px; to --window-padding: 0px; Then Save And The Border Should Be Gone You Can Also Adjust The Distance If You Wish Like 10px or 15px etc. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Eliana's ChillZone

Hey, what's the proper image size and resolution for the custom pop-up? Cause I keep trying to get the right size but it keeps making it show as though it's too big.


It's about:
Width: 250px
Height: 355px

V4silhs07 ;D

Can I somehow change the color theme? (The top right discord color and all that.


hello!! i noticed that whenever i hover a server's icon or one's status, the box seems to be transparent. it is also happening to whenever i try to give someone a role and the role box is transparent. it's bothering me and is there a way to fix this?
here's a screenshot:


Recent Discord update broke it. I'll fix it tomorrow.


i see tysm


Hey, I've also been running into the same issue, wondering if this has been updated yet.


What is the resolution for the Pop-Out modal?

Logical Figment

I love this theme! One thing I can't seem to figure out, how would I add a darkened box around messages?


Just use that theme then?

Logical Figment

Yes, I guess I might, but I really preferred this theme, especially with setup time as compared with the other one. From what I saw it was just an edit to "--messages-color" and "--padding" or "--messages-padding", but I couldn't get the color to work/change. I didn't know if there was an easy fix using Custom CSS or editing the theme.css file (both of which I tried, to no avail).


With this theme, discord messages don't turn darker when I hover over them anymore. Is there a way to turn that back on.


Not currently, I can definitely add that back in.


When you do that, do I need to re-download the theme?




Ok, thanks!!!

Ashu Patel

I've been using the transparent background for a while now but it doesnt seems to work anymore. The background just goes black. Is there any solution to this ?


It's most likely the latest Discord update. Just try re-enabling the transparency option.


Best theme, fits perfectly with my transparent terminal etc :thumbsup:


I don't know if I'm being stupid but I can't get the transparent background to work. Whenever I follow the steps I end up with a discord that has a black background. Can anyone help me?


You have to enable transparent background in the settings of better discord
After that restart discord completely
Taskbar icon/Taskmanager
or on linux kill the process


i dont understand how to use this , please help. when i open the file it opens it in notepad? im not sure how to open


NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT i just put the frostedtheme thingy into the Themes folder and it worked

Wraithvoid Hi there

idk how to use it


Amazing theme you have here, is there any way to change the gray overlay's tint color? I have my background as bright pink and I find the overlay mutes it a bit.


Hello, nice theme, but is there a way to make the UI / the thing when you press on an emoji darker or distinguishable from the Chat? Haven´t found that option in the CSS. Screenshot of what I mean:


That's just me being lazy and forgetting about fixing that.


How, and where would you put in your own picture and edit it?

arsonify ttv

I like the Among Trees background :0


How can you make this menu opaque?


Is there a way to get rid of the border?


simply open the FrostedGlass.theme.css and look for --window-padding: 20px; change 20px to 0px


really cool, thanks

I honestly try as you said but that doesn't work, the background keep black even with the tuto under the CSS.
Pol Suárez

Hey I really like this theme, good job, could you pass me the background image please I would like to have this as a wallapaper and have the same background. Thanks <3


You can open the theme file and get the background image url from there.


I really like the look but I do have a question to ask how can I make it not be small and make it fullscreen?


Made an account just to comment N i c e


how do i downoload it

Eevee Puff

Click the download button to the top left of the screen

Hekoi Kina

Heyo, was wondering if there was a version of this that doesn't rid of the favorite gif option in the chatbar?


Just open the FrostedGlass.theme.css and change --show-gift-gif-buttons: none; to --show-gift-gif-buttons: block

Hekoi Kina

Thank you, I didn't see that before <3


hey, i just downloaded this and it looks absolutely amazing. i just wanted to know how you can change the background an image i have on my computer. thanks in advance tho


Cheers mate, you can use my online editor to make thing easier.


This is a really epic theme! Had no trouble customizing it a little! I love it! My only convern is that I didn't like the border around it and I had to remove it manually in the CSS. On top of that I wanted the old bar at the top, but it was too bright if I uncommented the import. I had to figure out just a little of CSS to get it a darker color how I want it to. I don't mind doing this, but I'm afraid other people might be turned off when having to put in effort and people who don't realize it's customizable might not want to use this theme, just because something that is customizable isn't exactly configured as they want it to be,

Isaac Nunez

How do you remove the border?


Same here, how can I remove the border?

Iconic Nick

Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and change --window-padding: 20px; to --window-padding: 0px; Then Save And The Border Should Be Gone You Can Also Adjust The Distance If You Wish Like 10px or 15px etc. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Jeick Melgar Matos

Bro sabes como arreglar el error de que al presionar En Gif no me deja abrir, o almenos me podrias explicar como volver a poner el boton de gif

Jeick Melgar Matos

ya lo arregle lo vi en un comentario


can you say to me how can i create a background pls

juan jose arango diaz

Hi! I would like that image for my desktop background :3


Just open the theme and get the background url in --background-image


Hey Gibbu, Love the background, very simple to apply and works great! My only conern that I would like to address and ask for your assistance about, is that it seems ive lost the function to drag my discord around in windowed mode. Any help would be great! thanks!


Don't don't lose it, it's still in the same place. Just invisible.

Isai Hernandez Martinez (Grade 10)

sorry to be a downer but im having some issues i cant full screen discord is that normal?

V4silhs07 ;D

It's not due to the plugin, must be something else. Try reinstalling discord. -->


When I try and download through the online editor it just downloads it as a .txt file rather than a .css file. Help.

Isai Hernandez Martinez (Grade 10)

just change the .txt file to .css file afterwards just change it by saving it as .css file

?????? ?? TwinSKy



what size of pixels have background


Whatever your Desktop resolution is.

Legend Modz

For some reason this theme and some others seem to lag for discord; chugging when opening any setting, when viewing edit channel it takes 2 seconds to open while also chugging. Hardware acceleration is on.

Aston Bell

When I put it in the right file and check it on my discord it doesn't come up. what do I do?


How would I go about changing the tagging behaviour to look like default Discord? As in tagging a person or channel or role. Everything else is great, but I prefer the default discord tagging colours. Both the background of the tag, and the text colour. This would also apply to the background of the currently selected channel on the left.

Semkirli 57

Please Send Me Background Wallpaper


hi, i went into the editor and when i downloaded it and put it into the right file location it still wouldnt come up in discord at all and i tried restarting discord and the process multiple times


i figured it out nvm

Aston Bell

how did you fix it?

a g i t o _

First, thank you for all the great work you made for us! :D
I've been using your online theme editor a few times, it is really well maid and useful, but I was wondering if it was possible for you to add an option to allow people to import their current theme (based on Frosted Glass, of course!), to remodify it more easily?
Maybe it is already possible and I haven't seen it yet :/

Thanks! (and sorry for the eventual mistakes in english)


While this is possible it is extremely hard. I've tried it once and couldn't get it to work. But I'll give it a shot when I'm not busy with other things.

a g i t o _

Alright! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Autumn Box

How do you set different images for the modals and popouts?


Learn CSS and change it yourself. There are too many classes to just give 1 person. And adding new variables for it would make the theme file a lot more cluttered.


Great theme overall, but when I use the new "unreads" box and I click on "read all", the confirmation pop-out appears behind the unreads box (and I can't click on yes).

Bearlos OwO

Hello ^^ im having this weird issue
that when i wanna put emoji into my status it pops up behind it and i cant click on any of it because if i do it cancels the status window
i tried reinstalling discord it self, redownloading the theme aswell but still the same problem


I am having the same issue with saving pictures. Very annoying to have to turn off the theme when I want to steal a meme.

Sora XO

Hiya, I love the theme, it's my absolute favourite! I was just wondering, I'm having this weird issue where the roles and notes section of the user popout appears like the Discord default, is there some reason why? I tried restarting Discord and everything.


Are you using PTB/Canary builds of Discord?

Sora XO

Yes, I'm using PTB, but it was working fine till now anyways. Is this a known issue with PTB?


Seems like it was a recent update by Discord. It's been fixed now.


Hello do you have any idea what the resolution is for the Discord Popout Modal?


There's no gif button.. am I doing something wrong or have you not added it?


You can easily turn it back on. Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and set --show-gift-gif-buttons to block. Like so:

I removed them because you can access GIFS from the emote panel now.

Sultan Muhammad.R

Hi, is there a way to change the background image? if yes then how?


The easiest way is to just use my online theme editor:


Hi, I have a question: can I somehow remove this empty area between the border of the background photo and the discord interface. For example, so that the button for closing the discord is close to the border of the window (As in a regular Discord)


Yep. Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and change --window-padding: 20px; to --window-padding: 0px;.

Rufus Lagerkvist

how do i get a pic url


I can't open the "Posts" tab. when I click with the right button to give posts to someone it doesn't work, which is a shame because I manage several servers


What the crap is the posts tab? A screenshot would help a lot

Francisco Russo

Hi, I can't drag the discord windows, it's kinda glitchy when I try to fullscreen and unfullscreen the app

Jake Woods

I'm having some trouble with the scroll bar on the chat channels bar. It seems to shake/vibrate when I hit the bottom of the scroll.
Doesn't happen with any other themes, not sure what can be done.


Huh, I've never seen this before. Could you try disabling all your plugins and then check again? I really can't think of anything that would cause this.


This is the best theme ever and I could succesfuly change the background. The only problem is that you can see the screenshare button to start screesharing, it just doesnt show the "share button"


The grid view/focus view backgrounds for voice channels are black, is there anyway I can make them transparent?

Also, i've noticed that voice channels don't have the gradient colors.


I'm not sure what you mean, can you provide screenshots?


The red area would be the background for voice channels, and the orange area (on the left) would be the voice channels that are missing the gradient.


Ahhh, I see. I'll see what I can do

Jake the Gamer

I love the theme but the gif and gift buttons are missing

Ragnar Thorirsson

my question is i re-downloaded the theme but it doesn't seem to be re uploading and i went to try to add you on discord but says you have to add me. so my question is How do i get it working after i've re-downloaded the theme?


Make sure the file name doesn't contain any (1), (2) ect..

Ragnar Thorirsson

i did that thnx


Love the default background image you chose but I can't seem to get it to show without using another theme, and even then the image is very blurry. Any Ideas?


The image itself is actually blurry while zoomed in at 100% ( If you want similar images or try find one that's not blurry, you can Google "Among Trees game wallpapers".

Adam King

Is there a way to remove the glow/shadow from usernames? It doesn't mix well with my background.


Yep. All you have to do is add this variable: --text-shadow: 0; to your FrostedGlass.theme.css file. Like so:

CrowwW FX

hi I love the theme, but I can't get the transparent background to work it's just black and I did all the steps you wrote in the comments


Please add back the ability to change the default black frost to another color (preferably white)


You can do something like this by using the background tint variables. Example:
I also recommend using my editor as it will make customizing it a lot easier.


Idk if this is just for me but i see no gif box for this theme and it only disappear with this theme it doesn't with the other themes, theres no gif section or nitro selection


Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and set --show-gift-gif-buttons to block. Like so:


using your customization builder - would it be possible to add in the ability to change font sizes and colors, as well as modify the font shadowing? on some of the lighter brightness levels, the font colors are hard to work with. this theme is amazing and more so, that customizer you made makes things so easy!


any way to make it not lag discord? its noticably slower with frosted class, i am running a custom background


Make sure Hardware Acceleration is enabled in your Appearance settings.


The preview for the popout/modal image in the editor shows the picture you select filling in the popout with the entire image, but when you actually export the theme and use it, the popouts are more like a window looking at the entire image as if was the background, but you're only able to see it trough this window. another way to say it is, its like looking at a huge image trough a spy glass up close. was just wondering if this is a bug or intended, if it is a bug would it be possible to get a version where you just choose an image to fill in the popout? again sorry if you don't understand what i'm trying to say, its pretty hard to describe


I think I understand what you're saying. The preview only works like that on browsers that aren't chrome/chromium based. But you can still change it. Simply open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and mess around with the --popout-modal-size and --popout-modal-position variables. A simple Google search for "CSS background-position" and "CSS background-size" should tell you all you need for edit it.


Thanks for your quick response, i tried editing it, sorta fixed it, but only the popout when clicking members list. The rest are still randomly positioned it feels.


Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing discord skin, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it haha. Keep up the great work ;)

Morgan Dusty

please return version 1.0.0, you broke this version, for example, the text in the servers is the channel text so bright, even the indicators do not help, please return.


You can change that for yourself but just adjusting the --channels-default variable. Like so:
You can view all the available variables for you to change here:

Morgan Dusty

please return version 1.0.0


Hey man, CSS is pretty easy to learn, so either do that and customize it to your liking or use a different theme.

Dusk Shade

Is there any way to continue using v1 themes? I ask as I cannot find a way to load the v1 theme into your v2 editor, or any other way to update it, and when I manually updated my current theme to v2 by copy/pasting + manually typing stuff over from the v1 theme into a freshly downloaded v2 .css, quite a bit is just broken, such as the channel list not highlighting the active channel, @mentions have no color, and a few other BS things...

In short, can you add an option to the theme editor to load existing themes from HDD, or just put out a theme updating script?


I could try but I would have to change a lot of things with the current theme editor

Dusk Shade

A guide on properly manually updating would be more than fine by me, since it would save you the need to rewrite the editor (or a separate update page)

though to be fair I'm the lazy pea-brain who just wants to keep using v1 theme I already have without the "It's out of date" message which on my BD install just stops it from loading anything from the theme...
Fun how it was working fine because my pc had been on for over 72 hours, then a discord restart and it broke LOL


Before the update, when you ctrl+k the custom image would pop up on the search window but now it doesn't do that. Is there a way to fix it?


Ah I totally forgot about that. I'll fix it sometime soon.


Thanks for fixing it!


Hello i wanted to ask is there a way to use old version of frosted glass i kinda dont like the new updates i liked it more when the spotify was bright green as before and not this transparent thingy i tried to edit it but the green is just so ugly when i make the background not transparent which i prefer but the colour of the green is just so ugly
it just doesnt look nice so if there is a way i can go back to the first version or just make the green brighter cause i dislike this alot


Paste this at the very end/bottom of your FrostedGlass.theme.css like so:

#app-mount .root-SR8cQa .topSectionSpotify-1lI0-P,
#app-mount .userPopout-3XzG_A .headerSpotify-zpWxgT{
    background: #1db954 !important;
#app-mount .root-SR8cQa .topSectionSpotify-1lI0-P .lookInverted-2D7oAl.colorGreen-29iAKY {
    background: #fff !important;

The reasoning as to why I made it like that is; the whole point of this theme is to show a blurred background and having 80% of the user popout/modal being hidden didn't really make sense. Also you're hating a entire theme for something that's you're not going to see that often?


Thanks for the help <3
and sorry if it came out like hate towards it i didnt meant to make it sound like that i think you did great job on it and i like it alot keep up the good work :3


hey, i understand you have updated the them but does transparent background no longer work? cause i used to have a transparent background so i could see through discord but now it doesnt work.


Set --background-image-blur to none. Like so:


Hi, today when I logged on to discord, it said that my Frosted Glass Theme was outdated and I'll need to reinstall it, I wasn't sure if it meant BD in general or the theme (because i'm new to BD), so I did both. When I redownloaded Frosted Glass, and put it in my themes folder, it said no themes showed up when I went to enable it. I tried restarting discord, redownloading the theme and putting it back into the folder, but nothing worked. What should I do?


Make sure the file name doesn't contain any (1), (2) ect...


I downoloaded it (bcs is awesome) but I customized it a bit and now i have a message that says my version is outdated.
Is there a way to hide it?
Thank you :3


Sorry about that.
Add this to your FrostedGlass.theme.css file so you don't get the update warning.
--update-notice-1: none; Like so:


I did a lil research and found the "--update-notice-1:" parameter and set it to "none" (i though your online editable theme wouldn't have that problem and i were right :P)

Thank you!! ^^


Thank you, this is a great theme.

I must ask, however: What exactly does the tint variable do? I've tried many values for it's colour, but see no change.


It adds whatever colour you choose on top of the brightness variables. Example:
I also recommend using my editor as it will make customizing it a lot easier.


Does it not work anymore?


Ah sorry about that. I just pushed out an update that changed a lot of things. Simply redownloading should fix it.


I ended up finding a bug that is when I'm going to answer someone, the chats add the profile picture of the person I'm talking to, below will have a print.

Men Tabarnak

Hi, would it be possible to remove the border that seems extra (SS#1) and make it look like (SS#2)
Might not be super clear but i hope you understand what i mean. I just want to make the background fit with the round corner of the discord theme.
Thanks :)


So you want to remove the border around the discord window?

Men Tabarnak

Yes, that would be great. It would make discord look smoother.


You can either use my editor: and under the "Others" panel set "Window Padding" to 0.
Or without my editor: Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file in a text editor (I recommend at least Notepad++). and find the variable named --BG-window-padding and set the value to 0px. And that should remove the borders.

Note: due to how images are rendered setting window padding to 0 will introduce a fade on the edges of the screen

Men Tabarnak

It does work but like you said, the corners are now back to normal. Would there be a way to make em back round ? Because i love what you did but the border seemed extra.

Vykon Design

Hi! Gibbu i want to thank you for this amazing theme i like it so much but there is a problem i can't i minimize the discord anymore also can't resize it please if you have fix for it or way to fix it show me how please


You can minimize Discord by pressing the minimize button. And the theme doesn't prevent you from resizing the window.

Vykon Design

okay i want to change the position of the minimize button and restore and close like here


Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css and change --BG-window-padding to 0px

Lil' WalkerKing

So my discord is fully transparent, and i want to make the chat box and other boxes more visible like darkening it. How do i do it?


Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css and change the --BG-[area]-brightness variables.

Pale Greenwood

Is there a way to make the scrollbar more visible for DMs and channels and the like? It's almost impossible to see in DMs with the default image. :c


I just updated it to allow for a custom scrollbar colour to be used. Either redownload the theme or add this variable inside the :root in your FrostedGlass.theme.css. --BG-scrollbar-colour: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);

sick Icetea

For me there is an edge around the close / minimize button how do I change it?


A screenshot of what you're talking about would be very helpful. But I'm guessing you're talking about --BG-window-roundness and if so just set that to 0

FSN Rin_sv

Hi. for some reason I cant drag the discord window around after enabled this theme


You can drag the window by place your cursor close to the top of Discord. You can also remove the old title bar addon by removing this line:

Jaroslav Klimko

Is there a way to change the brightness of the background? My background is kinda dark


You can open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and then change each of the --BG-[area]-brightness variables.
Or you can use my website editor to make life a lot easier.

Jacob Herzog

This is great, but since I'm on Mac, the close/minimize/maximise buttons overlap with the Discord home button is it possible to fix this?


I don't seem to get this issue.

Jacob Herzog

Sorry I wasn't specific: it happens when I make the server list have multiple columns


How to get a transparent background (see through Discord)

Open your FrostedGlass.theme.css file and follow these steps:

  • Remove the image url from --background-image
  • Set --background-image-blur to 0px
  • Set --window-padding to 0px
  • Go to BetterDiscord settings and scroll to the bottom and enable Transparency
  • Completely restart Discord. This can be done many ways. But the easiest is to just ALT + F4.

NOTE: Frosted Glass is not built around the transparency option. I recommend using BasicBackground by DevilBro as it was built with transparency in mind.

Men Tabarnak

Your theme doesnt seem to work in the emote section, are you going to add it later ?

Men Tabarnak

I forgot to tell you that your theme is amazing, thank you for making it.


I tried this and it still won't go transparent. I tried BasicBackground and the trasparency worked on that, but I much prefer the look of this. Is there anything else I could try to fix it? Thanks for your time.


I just updated the comment, follow it and it should work


Jezzz, IT WORKED, transparency is back !

My hint for noobs like me:
Guys, I couldn't make it transparent by using just the Online editor, but you can use it to set your preferences this way and then open the .css file with Notepad and change the --background-image-blur from XX px to none - as Gibbu instructed and then it would work (remove any URL background image of course.

KUDOS to Gibbu for this AMAZING theme.


I can definitely add a option to have set the background image to transparent to my editor

Edit: turns out that will be harder than I thought :\


Worked perfectly! Thank you so much! Your effort in this project is really inspiring!

Rufus Lagerkvist

dont put "none" put 0 instead of 5px on --background-image-blur


Yeah true, I had forgot to update the comment when changing the blur method


I absolutely love this!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a personal fan of the outer spacing on the edges but other than that, its GREAT!!


You can remove that if you wish. Just open the theme file and set --BG-window-padding to 0px.
Or just use my website editor to make it a lot easier.

Horváth Zsombi

Help! Yesterday, everything was working perfectly, when I launched Discord today, the theme did not show up inside the Discord settings, nor did I see it, it was the default look. The theme is in %appdata%\BetterDiscord\themes, but I think Discord doesn't recognize it. I don't know what's going on


I love it but the dear background is not working i recommend uploading it to other website because its not working




Make sure you don't have multiple none addon themes enabled.

Open your Windows start menu and type %appdata%\BetterDiscord\themes. Find FrostedGlass.theme.css and delete it.

Pablo Javier Hernández Calderón

Sick theme, however there is a problem that shows up on my discord.

For some reason, when I place it on, the bar above discord where you can grab discord to move it around on your computer, and where the minimize / fullscreen / X buttons should be is gone, I can see the buttons on Discord but the bar is gone meaning I can't move discord to another location which is troublesome, is there any way to fix that?


Can you send a screenshot? I'm not quite sure what you're talking about

Oliver Racek

hej can i get dis theme as a wallpaper [for pc]
if you find the photo please send it to me


The image can easily be found by opening the downloaded file and getting the url.


Is there way that you can have a fully transparent background?


yeah i agree that'd be great


I just posted a pinned comment.

Luca Allegre

This is amazing ! :D