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Made by:
Purple Wizard
Release date:
13th January, 2020


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An amazing RGB theme with full customization included. Designed for both Light and Dark themes.

Theme editor/generator ~ (You can also edit the theme file with a text editor)

More themes presets are available on my support server, join us if you encounter any problem with this theme (or if you wanna share your configs)
Support Server ~

Comments (23)

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Awsome theme! IT works very well but the server icons are kinda halved for me


I don't get why, but the voice channels icon is in front of every type of channels. With the Elysia theme or with an editor one (even if I switch icons, the one from voice channels seems to overwrite them all)


Holy shit this is awful


Se puede poner lo de escribir y eso en espaƱol?

Purple Wizard

Use the theme generator to modify the theme, or just open the file with a text editor

Omq_SenpaiJadey :D

I downloaded this but it wasn't in my downloads. Think you know what's going on?

romain motje

Check your download history it'll be shown here ;)


How Do I Get The Destiny Background?

Purple Wizard

Join my support server for the presets


I can't get to the download link it keeps stopping me at the cloudflare DDoS protection screen... anyone able to send me the file? my discord is: iRandumb#1134

Purple Wizard

Sent you an invite to my support server


This theme is amazing!

Purple Wizard

Thank's !

Scout Gaming

???? ? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????????? ????????

Purple Wizard

Ah, yes me too ! :')

Lia Sanchez

Elysia i cant see servers anymore since you updated it :( i rly love how u did the theme im ur fan num1 but i cant use it anymroe if i cant join anyserver pls fix it <3

George Repoulias

If you can't see servers disable horizontal servers plugin. The theme has already horizontal servers. I disabled it and now I can see all my servers.


George Repoulias, I don't have the horizontal servers plugin but I can't still see my servers.

Purple Wizard

Already fixed in MP (the fix was as George said, but i also made a patch for gibbu's HSL in my theme generator) ;)


Didnt care for it at first but tweaked it to my liking as well as I feel like this new update loaded up easier and faster

Purple Wizard

Glad you like it and yes it's a bit better than what it was ^^


Sorry to say that as well, but I prefer the old, theme, not only because this one broke my discord servers and still have the "Elysia has been updated" at the top but because I'm using W7 ^^ and many emojis are broken with this W version.

Purple Wizard

No, you're just using the old config which isn't compatible, re-download the theme for it to work & to be able to edit there icons ;)


Only me or did the new update break it and not show any servers?

Purple Wizard

Join my support server

Billy Webb

I'd like the old version back please. I hate the new menu layout and searched yours out because it didn't have it like so many others.
This one just crashes my Discord on load and won't show most of the features anyways.

Billy Webb

It looks as though the Horizontal server list breaks it. I have to disable it to see any servers, but then I lose my server list all together.

Billy Webb

Ok, so to make this new theme work I had to disable these addons for these reasons;

Server Folders
Because it made it so I couldn't see anything on my screen with exception to the server list. You could click on a server but it wouldn't take you to it, just show a blank screen.
Server Count
Because it had a grey line the width of an icon but the whole way down go through my channel list.
Friends Count
As above, same thing.


with all due respect to your work but I would also like the old version of the theme +rep

Owen Wall

yes i agree the old version was much better imo


i love the theme but when people or i get pinged i cant see it in the message and it does it if someone pings channels as well like #general. Is there anyway to fix that?


Is there a way to change the background? The purple is kind of getting old for me.


I have, you paste a discord message image's https in the parentheses for the background ex.

Purple Wizard

I released a theme generator with the v2.0 of this theme here :

Youtube For Funz

i like the theme, but is there a link for only the rgb? i want to make my personal theme with rgb but i dont know how to make the rgb buttons and font


check the code of the theme.

Alley Jack

How do you customize it??!?!

Purple Wizard

I updated the description ;)

Zacharia Ahmad

I like it, it's just that I don't like how the server bar is at the top and not were it usually is. This is a problem for people who are in a lot of servers


It's a good theme i love it but i cant see my connection when i'm in a voice call, i don't know if that's a problem just for me


How do I get rid of the stuff that changes colours like when i type bold or links because its kinda annoying or tag users and just basically everything that changes colours


One of my favorite themes, it's awesome!