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1st December, 2020


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Highly customizable theme for BetterDiscord, including coloring, background images, blur percentages, font changing, and more.

Official presets, as well as a customization guide are available in the support Discord server.

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Really great work. I love the UI animations/transitions and the extensive customization!

ya??z efe bak?r





I dont know how to download it, it just says unexpectedly closed the connection.


How do I change the background image?


when i put the file in the theme folder nothing happens I don't know why


That's so nice ^-^

Chelsea Flores257

como hago para colocarlo?

Leonardo Cardoso

na consigo colocar no discord alguem me ajuda

• Tenshi •

ue, eu não concigo coloca, alguem aq para ajudar?

Akordado Sem dormir

Passa o discord que te ajudo a usar certinho

LackyMeyting !!

nas? indiriyoz

Dinner Shooter

Best theme so far that I've downloaded.

?smail Ta?


Bakan BE

link? please


Can I get the background image, I want it for my desktop please.


Thank you so much ^-^


How do I change my ping color

Jan Tomášek

Here is the code to change it (:

.numberBadge-2s8kKX, .textBadge-1iylP6 {
background: #EA4544 !important; /this will change the main colour of ping, put any colour code you like here/
box-shadow: 0 0 10px -3px red; /idk what this changes xd/
color: #e6e8f5; /this will change the colour inside of ping number, put any colour code you like here/

Connor Rentz

is there anyway to get it completly transparent? so i can see windows behind it?


The background (with the deer) and the Discord icon in the top right are gone. please help

Andreas vibe

how do i set it in? can u add me on discord? my ign is 12345678#3810




The discord invite doesn't work... I want to get on the discord server because I don't know how to customize ClearVision.


The link has been updated.

Maksymilian M

Jak przywróci? poprzedni motyw?


Co masz na mysli

Mars Wolf III

Why is there a few lines of unused code named backdrop? And why does only a few of them work? The ones that work only effect the inbox, but I can't get the rest of them to work.


These problems, my friends, are why you wait until 2020 for the "Online Editor". ITS A MAGICAL ITEM!!!


This has now been added thanks to @Gibbu :)


Are the fonts being weird for anyone else? I am trying to set it to one that is not on that default list, but still a google font.
and yet, it sets it to this really ugly default font. not quite sure which one it is.

Jagroop Heer

I am new to this stuff but it downloads as a notepad file can someone help me

Sunay Shastri

hey there. presuming you've already downloaded better discord, you will need to open your discord settings, go down to bandaged bd, then themes. open the files and load it into there. it should work. Cheers

Oyun Kurucu

neden dc böyle olmad??

Berkant Bora

ben yapabildim biraz dikkatl? dene


It's not working today

Hamodi Alnajim

Before it worked fine but today it didn't work :/ The theme isn't showing i tried redownloading it i tried downloading older versions of the theme i tried disabling it and enabling it again but nothing works. I downloaded another theme and it worked it's only this one that isn't working :( Anyone know why?


is it for windows 10?




Lies, i have it on mac

Luke Pixel

How do I change the wallpaper? ;-;


Line 51 should say --background-image: url. put the link to the image you want in the parentheses.


plz help where do u get fonts?


I got mine to work, but I got an error that says "Fatal Error, cannot continue: Expected SEMICOLON at line 1, col55". I copy and pasted the URL like the instructions said "@import url(" Did I forget to take something out?


gostaria de mudar o nome para indentificiar melhor por conta de eu ter muitos, tem como?

Steven Cai

The avatar-roundness feature doesn't work in the css file. I set it to 10% but the profile pictures still show up as complete circles.


Can someone send me the link of the theme Wallpaper?

Vi H?ng

open theme file with notepad, then find background image url, then you can see ""

Tom !



I love this! The animations are buttery-smooth, it's somewhat easy to customize. I just love it.


Can you increase the brightness of the place where chats are called, etc.?


How to install the theme???


I don't understand how to customize this


Or you change the css file manually

H4PPY _Drift

Nice Theme


Is there a actual source for the background you used for this picture or was it exclusively created for the theme? Either way, is it possible I could see the full thing? Kind of want to use it for my desktop background

Ali Ahsanuddin

Yeah, I have no idea where it's from though. In the top-right it says "Stellar Collision, Kuldar Leement" I hope that helps.


for some reason when i download the souse code and put it to the theme file and when i click it it show ups like a notpad


nvm i got it


can i change the background walpaper ??

Haocheng Huang aka Ghvst

yes, you can


annen amk cocu


How do you change chat text color? I only seem to be able to change the accent colors. Your customization faq in your Discord doesn't seem to cover this either.

Death note

clear vision é de 62 bits ou de 32 bits???

Haocheng Huang aka Ghvst

Is it possible to tint the background?


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EDIT: Link has been fixed as of 12/01/2020.


the scroll bar in settings was removed when i downloaded it so now i cant get to where my plugins and themes are to turn the theme off? im not sure what to do


You should just be able to use the scroll wheel.

Zane DragonBorn

how do you customize it?


All you need to do is open up the ClearVision.theme.css in a text editor.


Join our Discord server for a customization guide. (Click on my profile)


e+q flash yasu 800k