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8th March, 2018


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Allows you to use a background image in Discord without greatly altering the basic look of Discord. You can easily swap the background picture, set an accent color and change the overall transparency (darkness).

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how do I blur the background


open up the BasicBackground.theme.css file from C:\Users*youruser*\AppData\Roaming\betterdiscord\themes and then change --backgroundblur: unset; to --backgroundblur: 1px; you can change the px value to however much blur you want.


?????? ?????

Diego costa

Hello, would it be possible to add an option to change the transparency of the date box? or reduce the semicircle showing the date? There are other themes that make that "December XX, 2020" painting more minimalist.

Its Otaku

how use it?please help

Marcel Stek

u can use a gif to play it, the gif link should be in the --background: url(make sure this is the direct link to the gif not to the website that contains the gif on it); /* general background image


how do i change the accent color? i dont know what to replace and what to replace it with

Marcel Stek

--accentcolor: r,g,b; search on google rgb palette and replace the r,g,b with the numbers, make sure theres no spaces between the numbers
and there has to be this ","

Rhys Alt

How do I change the text color? I want the white text to be black


i cant seem to edit my background, btw im using mac, is it bcoz my mac is too old or is it bcoz im doing it wrong? i've followed all the steps but nothings working

Tim St john

when I go into settings it freezes for like 5ish seconds and then comes back anyone knows a fix

Marcel Stek

thats a bandagedbd issue that they cant fix


ya rkad??om neden inmiyor yaz?lar ç?k?yor

Jaden Nguyen

is there a way to change the message box to a basic rectangle with rounded corners?


how do i change the pink highligher? i dont really like the colour

Konkamon Sion

--accentcolor: at line 25


For those asking, all you need to do is go into your theme folder, right-click BasicBackground, and open with your word editor of choice. Find "--background:" and in the brackets after url, paste in an image link. To get one, go to google image, find an image you like, right click, and click "Copy image address". Paste it into the url brackets. Save. Done,

Ao Vo

I've gotten a custom discord background. But on startup, it launches vanilla discord and not BD. Is there anything I can do to make it so that BD launches on startup instead? I've also asked this question on the 4th of November, for reference. Only compromise I've found so far, is quitting discord then starting it back up, but I don't want to do that every startup.

andrei jacob

Thank you


Hey, can you change the background or am I just stupid?
"You can easily swap the background picture, set an accent color and change the overall transparency" thats cool but how???

Ao Vo

I love this theme. Being able to customize your own background for discord is amazing, I love the aesthetic capabilities.

With that being said though, I love my discord theme background. Every startup, I have discord set to launch, but it launches vanilla Discord and not BD Discord. Is there any way to bypass this? I've tried some basic troubleshooting, but no luck. I want it so that, BD Discord is set to launch by default instead of vanilla Discord.

All help appreciated!


It's Cool and all But.. How do you set it Up?

Marcel Stek

watch tutorials on yt


It's cool, but i can´t change the background image.


this is nice and all but do I set it up


You have to go into the file and change it to change your background and color


How do i set it up?

Rogue Kittens

how do i change the background image?

M.S. Raiehan

how do i change the color of the highlighter that highlights the name of the channels in a server? cuz i really dont like the color pink that much.


When I hit download it says one more step and shows a big orange triangle.

????? ??????

Is it possible to change the color from pink to blue?


How do you change how roles look back to the default style? The boxes look weird to me.


nvm got it i just removed all the code for the roles


it just takes me to notepad


download better discord go to settings and drag the background file into the themes folder

Benji Foxy

how would I change the color/transparency of the spoilers?


how????????/ its going to my notepad

Lemon :3

You need to first download the BetterDiscord2 application first. There's a couple of Youtube videos on that. Then you put the file that you downloaded from this website into the "themes" folder

Lemon :3

Check this out if you're still confused...

Nicolas Productions

It's a little laggy

Marcel Stek


Syndicated Recon

So my chat box (on image where it would say "Message #general") is default, is there a way to fix this issue by adding a line of code? Disc: Syndi.GM#9115

Timothy Nguyen

can someone help me how to do it i still dont get it, i read tyilak’s response my discord is Just a Yui here#4873 copy and paste it, please i need help

Lemon :3

I can't add you as a friend for some reason... Anyway, here's a really good youtube clip


What is line 18? BackdropBlur?

Lemon :3

It took me ages to find out what a Backdrop is. If you right-click an image, a bunch of options pop up (e.g. 'Reactions'). That's an example of a backdrop. The value that is entered in the "Backdrop Blur" line determines how blurry/clear you want the backdrops.
For example, 0px would be clear, no blur. The higher the value, the more blur, as with all the other "...Blur" lines.

yeetus deletus

How do I change the background?


It's very simple to do.

  1. Upload the desired image to any discord chat, preferably an image chat in a server (make sure you or someone doesn't delete the image as the link to the file may be permanently deleted (haven't tested that yet)).

  2. Open the Theme CSS file in your downloads folder (this should open in notepad or any equivalent notes app) (changing any settings bugs out the themes setting page in discord if you modify the CSS in the themes folder, Discord will think here's an update available for the theme, causing a permanent update banner to appear (this happened to me)).

  3. Find line 18:

    --background: url(; / general background image /

  4. Go to the chat you posted the image into discord, open the image and click Open Original.

  5. Copy the image URL from your browsers URL box.

  6. Replace the default URL but make sure to paste within the brackets. If you delete the brackets the CSS file WILL break.




(The amount of numbers may vary)

  1. Save and close the document and then open your themes folder and move the modified theme CSS file to it.
  2. Enable and enjoy!

Edit: The reason for using discord is that the CSS file/ better discord expects a filename at the end of the URL and discord does so. Where-as Google drive and other cloud storage services use an alpha numerical linking system which causes the theme to revert back. You can use a different service that has the image, but make sure the URL/ link has the filename at the end of it.


Pra quem deseja alterar a cor basta abrir o tema e depois procure "--accentcolor:" quando achar esse texto em frente terá alguns codicos e basta escolher outra cor

imagem com alguns codicos de cores:

e para quem deseja alterar a image bastar procurar background e na frente terá o link da image e ai basta trocar

menoreh suryo


Miss Dysfunction

Is there a way to change the icon colours and the subtext colors? for example the "online" "idle" "Find or start a conversation" text etc. I can't seem to find anywhere to change that?

Anonymous Walker

The original background ain't the best, but the fact that it allows you to customise pretty much anything... wow! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!


How do you get rid of the watermark? I didn't really understand the way you answered that before.


hey, if u want i can help u, add me on discord Jack13 #6003

liese johnson

is there a way to make the text colour darker?

jul ryö

It can't load messages and pictures.


how to add the background
on chrome


BetterDiscord is only functional for the Discord application.


How would I change the transparency of the emote menu and profile background?
They are Transparent and I would prefer them to be solid colour.


how do i do to change the background image please?

Elevate XeOs

you have to go in the parameters then in custom css then change the link of the line 16 by the link of the image you want

Arshad Mirchandani

link to the directory in a computer or a website's link?


Is there a way to modify the Server Mute symbol? Right now, the server mute symbol is the same as a regular mute and it confuses me as to whether someone is muted or server muted.


how would i be able to get rid of the background and make it transparent?

Dev Flare

To change the color of pinging you need to give them a role and change the color of the role, you can then ping someone with different colors! :3

Dev Flare

OOOPS! Wrong person.. That was meant for 'the guy that roasts you'. Excuse my comment.. ;-;

the guy that roasts you

is it possible to change the color of ping? like @everyone or @here having a different color from others


Is it possible to get rid of the boxes around the text?


Yup, just modify the file and put : messagetransparency to 0.


how do you take away the top text thhat says "discord - basicbackground by devilbro"?


You have to replace the @import url( line in BasicBackground.theme.css with the entirety of the BasicBackground.css from that URL. Then scroll down to the 20. WATERMARK section and remove all those html:only-child entries.

Anonymous Walker

Unfortunately when I tried what 'DFNCTSC' suggested, it didn't work how it was supposed too. Yes, it did get rid of the watermark, but it also got rid of all of the other customisations I had just set up (e.g. a different background, different transparency settings etc.). So only do what he/she said if you have made no other customisations


Can you do a tutorial on how to change background, color... please ?


Did you even turn on the plugin?