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8th March, 2018


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Allows you to use a background image in Discord without greatly altering the basic look of Discord. You can easily swap the background picture, set an accent color and change the overall transparency (darkness).

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how do i do to change the background image please?

Elevate XeOs

you have to go in the parameters then in custom css then change the link of the line 16 by the link of the image you want


Is there a way to modify the Server Mute symbol? Right now, the server mute symbol is the same as a regular mute and it confuses me as to whether someone is muted or server muted.


how would i be able to get rid of the background and make it transparent?

Dev Flare

To change the color of pinging you need to give them a role and change the color of the role, you can then ping someone with different colors! :3

Dev Flare

OOOPS! Wrong person.. That was meant for 'the guy that roasts you'. Excuse my comment.. ;-;

the guy that roasts you

is it possible to change the color of ping? like @everyone or @here having a different color from others


Is it possible to get rid of the boxes around the text?


Yup, just modify the file and put : messagetransparency to 0.


how do you take away the top text thhat says "discord - basicbackground by devilbro"?


You have to replace the @import url( line in BasicBackground.theme.css with the entirety of the BasicBackground.css from that URL. Then scroll down to the 20. WATERMARK section and remove all those html:only-child entries.


Can you do a tutorial on how to change background, color... please ?


Did you even turn on the plugin?