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23rd July, 2017


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Adds user status everywhere Discord doesn't.

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As of recently, this plugin has started crashing Discord anytime I click a user's pfp in-chat.

Nike Thunderbolt

you should add a settings option where you change where you want the status to be

cuz I really just don't want it in calls

Szabó Patrik

Not working properly with SimplyDark


Mixing this plugin with the Radial status theme makes it so Radial status also shows up in chats


Even functions with the BDFDB Plugin, thx

1ts GooB

wait so how does this work? I don't understand

Mirozo 2


Aesthetic Stereo

I can enable this and it works, but when I click on someones profile, Discord crashes.

ye boi

same problem here, it shows their status on profile pictures but as soon as i click it forces me to reload discord.


It does work if i turn off my custom theme :(

The Oogle

This does work, but it turns off when you don't use discord in a while, but you still have it open. It does work again when you reload it though

Chicken Brotherz

not working


Not showing mobile status.