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25th December, 2017

Google Translate Option

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Adds a Google Translate option to your context menu, which shows a preview of the translated text and on click will open the selected text in Google Translate. Also adds a translation button to your textareas, which will automatically translate the text for you before it is being sent.

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Zane DragonBorn

Please make the UI more like google translate. When first download or just using it on a daily basis it's super hard to use and is a pain to translate. If I'm translating my text it should say in the button on the message bar this "What language would you like this message to translate to on send and you select it. How would it know what language? Auto-detects the language in the message because it's google translate (The UI is preset to Auto-Detect). Now for Other messages. If you right-click use, 3 dots, or hover there will be a translate button (The Translate button will show next to the reaction button when hovering). Just click on it and select your language. Now I understand there are multiple translation engines that can be used but google translate would be the best for this. It takes around 5 minutes just to translate one message. In that time they have already changed subjects. Also your button will duplicate sometimes in the 3 dots menu.

Ash Y

An easy thing but would save a lot of time would be to move the send both original and translated message setting to the option changer next to the chat input rather than the plugin settings.


Works but when you press translate from the context menu, the popups to the right of the message do not disappear


I would like you to put the Microsoft translator because he is one of the best

Jekabs Meijers

Is it possible to add auto-translate to incoming messages?

Luu uuk

crashes is it sees greek letters


Works for sending messages but doesn't auto translate incoming messages.


bro the plugin is disabled sometimes and i can't translet anything

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