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6th October, 2017


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Adds server-based role colors to typing, voice, popouts, modals and more! This can take the place of ColoredVoice/Typing!

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I cant download
plz give me the direct link


clear your cookies are go and use Use a Private/Incognito browser.


i have a friend that uses this plugin. on his, the text color matches the top role color, but on mine, it stays white. (so if the role color is red, the text from that person is red as well, but it doesnt do that for me). is there something i need to do to get that?


I think it broke after the DIscord update because I have the same issue. If your friend did not upgrade that would be why it's still working for him.


This plugin is unintuitive :v


For those experiencing the recent bug, please check GitHub for a patch until merged


Stopped working :(

iv Luck

when will u update the plugin is it going to take a while ?


Has the plugin got a bug. The names on those in a voice channel are white and not the highest role colour?

Angels Nightcore

Same for me

Master Slashing

Same for me

[NLT] Mika.z023

The plugin isn't working for me... Yesterday it was working and when i started discord this morning i didn't work.

michael hamnett

yeah mines the same it's broken today yet was working yesterday


was it the name colours in a voice channel?

Nadav Cohen

whats your theme ???? look amazing


The Role colours don't get changed when a user is muted.

Kenny Cheng

Which plugin are you using in the screenshots?
the users info and mutual server and mutual friends that small logo


Completely crashes discord everytime. pls fix


Zerebos please fix


Update your version.

B izTe

I feel there is a disadvantage
I will not know who speaks


Which theme are you using in the screenshots?

Ferry Vjerman

its called Nox from Zerebos