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by Zerebos

A beautiful dark material theme loosely based on Google Material Design guidelines. (Formerly Beard's Material Theme by Lilian Tedone)

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by Zerebos

Lets you view popout, nickname and more from your account panel at the bottom.

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by Zerebos

Adds server-based role colors to typing, voice, popouts, modals and more! This can take the place of ColoredVoice/Typing!

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by Zerebos

Stops Discord from tracking everything you do like Sentry and Analytics.

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by Zerebos

Allows you to blacklist and favorite emojis through the context menu. Favorites show up as a section in the emoji picker and all emojis in the picker get a context menu to blacklist or favorite them.

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by Zerebos

Hides disabled emojis from the emoji picker. Useful for non-nitro users.

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by Zerebos

Hides muted servers with a context menu option to show/hide. Acts similar to Discord's Hide Muted Channels option.

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by Zerebos

Allows you to view a users permissions.

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by Zerebos

Allows you to see the members of each role on a server. Can also see members from a mention.

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by Zerebos

Adds a button to search your servers. Search in place or in popout.

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by Zerebos

Adds a set of utilities for plugins to use. Some plugins require this plugin and will alert you when they do.


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