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Allows you to use a background image in Discord without greatly altering the basic look of Discord. You can easily swap the background picture, set an accent color and change the overall transparency (darkness).

17.2K 70.5K

Blurple Recolor

Replaces Discords native blurple with your own color, change color in theme file.

7.3K 23.2K

Server Columns

Changes the Server List to a gridlike container to allow servers to be displayed in columns. Amount of columns can be set in the .theme.css file.

69.5K 114K

Badges Everywhere

Displays Badges (Nitro, Hypesquad, etc...) in the chat/memberlist/userpopout.

7.8K 26K

Better Friend List

Adds extra controls to the friends page, like sort by name/status, search and all/request/blocked amount.

11.3K 27.8K

Char Counter

Adds a character counter to your textarea, which also displays the amount of selected characters when you select something in the textarea.

20.9K 39.1K

Complete Timestamps

Replace all timestamps with complete timestamps.

7.9K 21.8K

Copy Raw Message

Adds a entry in the contextmenu when you right click a message that allows you to copy the raw contents of a message.

86.7K 118.2K

Creation Date

Displays the Creation Date of an Account in the UserPopout and UserModal.

5.7K 29K

Custom Quoter

Let's you customize the output of the native quote feature of Discord.

5.3K 18.5K

Display Servers As Channels

Display servers in a similar way as channels.

20.5K 54.7K

Edit Users

Based on Renamer. Allows you to change the icon, name, tag and color of users.

4K 16.4K

Force Image Preview

Locally forces embedded Image Previews, if Discord doesn't do it itself.

25K 45K

Friend Notifications

Notifies you when a friend either logs in or out. Click the Online Friend-Counter to display a timelog of the current session.

35K 58.4K

Google Translate Option

Adds a Google Translate option to your context menu, which shows a preview of the translated text and on click will open the selected text in Google Translate. Also adds a translation button to your textareas, which will automatically translate the text for you before it is being sent.

16.1K 32.9K

Image Utilities

Adds a handful of options for images/emotes/avatars (direct download, reverse image search, zoom, copy image link, copy image to clipboard, gallery mode).

34.6K 54.2K

Joined At Date

Displays the Joined At Date for the current Server of a Member in the UserPopout and UserModal.

10K 23.6K

Last Message Date

Displays the Date of the last sent Message of a Member for the current Server/DM in the UserPopout and UserModal.

15K 45.2K

Message Utilities

Offers a number of useful message options (quick edit, quick delete, etc.). Remap the keybindings in the settings.

2.7K 13.2K

Moveable Popups

Adds the feature to move all popups and modals around like on a normal desktop. Ctrl + drag with your left mousebutton to drag element.

2.5K 15.1K

Old Title Bar

Reverts the title bar back to its former self.

20.6K 39K

Owner Tag

Adds a Tag like Bottags to the Serverowner.

12.5K 29.1K

Personal Pins

Allows you to pin messages in your own personal notebook. Similar to pins you can check the notes of the current channel via the controlbar on the top.

9.3K 22.1K

Pin DMs

Allows you to pin DMs, making them appear at the top of your DMs/Guild-list.

5.3K 16.3K

Quick Mention

Adds a mention entry to the message option toolbar.

13K 30K

Remove Blocked Messages

Removes blocked messages completely.

3.3K 11.3K

Remove Nicknames

Replace all nicknames with the actual account names.

2.4K 7.6K

Reveal All Spoilers Option

Adds an entry to the message contextmenu to reveal all spoilers within a messageblock.

13.8K 31.2K

Send Large Messages

Opens a popout when your message is too large, which allows you to automatically send the message in several smaller messages.

2.2K 5.1K

Server Counter

Adds a server counter to the server list.

3.6K 8.8K

Server Details

Shows details of a server when you hover over the icon in the server list.

6.4K 21.2K

Server Folders

Adds the feature to create folders to organize your servers.

45K 65.9K

Show Hidden Channels

Displays all hidden channels that can't be accessed due to role restrictions in a new category. ***NOTE**: This is only a visual addon and won't gain you access to restricted channels.*

11.2K 25.2K

Spell Check

Adds a spellcheck to all textareas. Select a word inside the textarea and rightclick it to add it to your dictionary.

8K 17.8K

Steam Profile Link

Opens any Steam links in Steam instead of your internet browser.

2K 11.6K

Timed Light Theme Mode

Allows you to automatically change light/dark mode depending on the time of day. Slider is added to the 'Appearance' settings.

25.6K 56.6K

Top Roles Everywhere

Adds the highest role of a user as a tag. Style can be changed through the plugin settings.


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