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3rd September, 2020


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A translucent/frosted glass Discord theme.

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To change the background image, does it have to be from a website with the jpg at the end or can it be from a file I have on my PC?


Took a look at it to see if I could use an image on my local pc, but Discord apparently adds in front of any url() that isn't a complete url. For instance, changing app-bg to url(background.jpg) adds<maybe_user_id?>/ before the actual variable. So for the time being, uploading an image to a site is the only way, unless you want to encode an image to base64 but that creates a stupid long string to use.


Thank you! Also, to change the blur strength of the background/lighting strength of the background, how would I do that? I took a look at the github you posted but couldn't figure out what it was that changes the blur.


The --app-blur variable controls the blur intensity.

• RentalCouch •

how can i make the background blurrier?


All of the variables are listed in the link in the pinned comment and includes an example on how to use said variables.


how can I make the chat all transparent, without this black stripe?


There are 2 separate variables that control the background colors for the main content area and the sidebars. --sidebar-color and main-content-color with the default values and how to use them listed in pinned comment.

T Anderson

how can i change the background to a custom one?


The steps for customizing the theme easily are listed in the pinned comment.


Is there a way to make this theme completely transparent? Thanks in advance.

Anthony Anderson

I would love this as a feature. I thought that's what this theme did actually, and it was why I installed it in the first place.


The transparency and blur intensity can be customized to however you like it. A list of variables and how to use them are in the pinned comment, thanks.


This theme utilizes a various amount of CSS variables that allows you to customize it. They can be added to the custom CSS tab in BBD or in the theme file itself. A list of variables can be found on the theme's repo:

An example would be:

:root {
  --app-accent: #fff !important;
Andrew Khoury

anyway I can change the background image?

Andrew Khoury

nvm what size should i make the image so it fits in the background?


It gets stretched to fit it, so as long as the image is at least the size of your monitors resolution (if you use Discord in full screen) it shouldn't appear blurry.

Mark Villanueva

When i download this, it file only says /**

@import url(;

I have another skin that works and the file has a bunch of variables for different aspects, etc. What can I do to fix this?


Please refer to my pinned comment on variables, thanks.

Jasmine Wang

This is really gorgeous! My only issue is that the glaring red of the icons/when you highlight puts me off a little bit; I think a color like #b2a0f9 would be more pleasing to the eye and still match with the theme.


Good news for you is that you can customize it with a number of variables. Just go to your user settings, and near the bottom is a tab called Custom CSS; click that and add the following:

:root {
  --app-accent: #b2a0f9 !important;
  --app-accent-rgb: 178,160,249 !important;

An entire list of customizable variables can be found on the themes repo:

John Smith

I get a bunch of errors when I do this. I get like RBRACE expected at Line 2 Col 3 and line 3. It also says rule is empty.

Jesse E

if you just hit save and then update the code should work just fine anyway. i got the same error when i changed my background and it worked fine.


Those errors and warnings don't affect anything. You can ignore them.

Jackson Greene

Ayy my boys listening to Make Them Suffer


it wont let me sign in how do i do it

Jinyoung M

???? ???? ?? ??? ?????


Impressive theme ! I really love it, thanks a bunch for sharing it.


what do i need to change to make the height: 100%


The spacing between the actual content and the app borders is controlled by --app-margin.

Adding this to your custom CSS will remove said spacing:

:root {
  --app-margin: 0 !important;
Warren Sunjoto

how do you download it? and put in on discord?

Fay Pugz

you go to personal settings and sroll down and on the left side you should see themes an dopen theme folder then drap and drop the file into the theme folder


i cant

23 sebasu

Does anyone know why discord is delayed when I have theme on? and if someone knows, they can tell me


here too


Impressive theme ! I really love it, thanks a bunch for sharing it.