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25th August, 2018

Spotify Discord

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Combine Discord and Spotify into one.

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Fufu 51

Hello, how can I make the box away at the bottom right (under member list on a server or under fiends activity on the friends tab). So that the friends activity as well as the member list looks like the normal discord and goes to the bottom? You can see it on the first image (Server chat)


Hey dude, great theme, but right now there is a bug that makes the "sidebar"(I'm not sure of the exact name of it) of a server into the default Discord color, I am aware that it isn't exclusively on this theme but I'm wondering if this will be fixed, it isn't really something of big importance but it's kinda bugging me. Thanks in advance.(example of the bug:


It's already been fixed with the recent update to the theme. Restarting your discord app should get you the update.


Thanks a lot man!


you should use the icons that Spotify use for the discord icons.
ex: the mute button should be the lyrics button from Spotify.

Haocheng Huang aka Ghvst

this theme works very well, seems to be anti-lag for some reason :D

Monsieur smokig

bonjour y à t il moyen de mettre une image dans la zone "--chat-color," au lieu d une couleur merci bien


Currently, you can change the variable in the custom CSS tab in your user settings to an image like the example below, but because of how I made the theme to mimic Spotify, there are other areas that won't look as good:

:root {
    --chat-color: url(IMAGE_URL_HERE) no-repeat !important;
Master Slashing

Is there a way to change the size of the text box and the color of the highlighting?


Chat box is not showing up, please update?

Scooter Ankle

my name is cut off on the bottom left. Fix?


Favorite theme of mine so far, but it would be even better if you made the message box a bit more subtle, to match the backgorund, or a light gray. Also, I find it difficult to differentiate between unread channels and read ones. Its just that when im using this theme, I mix up the gray and the white text. Anybody else mixing them up using this theme, or is that just me. :/


A really good theme but it would be perfect if you made the message box grey


nvm, i mixed it with the dark discord theme and its dark :)


but i dont see the text when im typing :(


edit the CSS variable called "--input-text-color" and change the value to "#ffffff"

Renzotom renzotomkovic

Great help mr dev

Scooter Ankle

how do i edit that?

Aston Lit

damn nice theme man


Very good theme, but in the chat part it is bug when you configure the appearance


heyy, nice theme but how do i get the white server add icon next to my name?



no no

idk why people just use it and not like. smh


Everytime I download this, and I take the css file from my downloads to the themes folder, it never works. help

João Reis Felini

Would be better if the search and Message boxes were a light or dark grey, but its really good so far , 8/10


you can edit the CSS file. just search for a variable called "--input-bg" and change the hex color.

Scooter Ankle

what hex color for grey?