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6th August, 2020


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An optimized, consistent, and functional theme for Discord based on GitHub's design language.

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holy shit this is sexy


this theme is awesome, good work guys!

Lorenz R.

Is there a way to change the color of the sidebar (like the server list, channel list, and the DMs list)?


Yeah. We have some pre-made palettes at the slate website. If you want to try and make your own, you can mess around with the code from the site above, and view documentation here.

Tamago Iku

This theme is fantastic


I loved this theme so much that I created an account just to say how good it was. This theme is unique from all the others and no other theme struck me with such perfect balance of perfectness that can be created by human hands. I appreciate you sir for making such a masterly crafted theme with perfection in every pixel.



If you found a bug in slate or simply need support, consider joining the Black Box community. This is a general Discord-Modding oriented community, my, Gibbu's, and many other people's themes. You can also request a User Background through this server. Enjoy the theme!


Theme is broken in DMs. Newest discord update.


Is there any way to turn the part white in light mode?




Sorry I mean is there any way to change the current server part white in light mode.


You sure can. Add these variables inside your :root and change their values to whatever you want

--topbar-background: #1d2125;
--topbar-background-hover: #2f363d;
--topbar-header-selected: #24292e;
--topbar-border: #141414;

Like so:


How about the top bar text colour, how would you change that?


Sorry, I worked it out myself, --toolbar part.


Here's all the variables that are global (not depended on theme).

We made them variables so it was easier for us to understand and also for users to customize to their liking.

Zane DragonBorn

Am I able to change the color of the channels? I'm wanting to set it too blue but not sure if I can. Also, This won't work with the Horizontal Server list theme. Any Plan on giving support? Also, the text size is getting annoying to read. Would I be able to increase the size?


You can do all of those.

  • Open your Slate.theme.css file.
  • Change the variables.

    --accent will change the blue on the channels, mentions, ect..

I am currently working on adding Horizontal Server List support as I though I fixed that ages ago but I guess Discord changed something.

Zane DragonBorn

ah ok, also I was wondering if you plan on making that discord setting's window separate sometime? I really like it but want to use it with other themes. Also, does CSS work with this? Some plugins I use don't support this either (Send Button, Google Translate option, and Status everywhere)


It does allow CustomCSS but I will add support for those plugins native to the theme

Zane DragonBorn

Do you plan On making the Settings window separate from the theme? I love the Settings menu but am not a fan of the GitHub theme. If I could just have the settings thing when it would fit in amazingly. Maybe even give some ClearVision support to it? I love my Clear Vision theme and a settings menu like that would make mine look even better!