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15th January, 2019


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A beautiful dark material theme loosely based on Google Material Design guidelines. (Formerly Beard's Material Theme by Lilian Tedone)

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Sit Room

I can't open the empte box?


I cant open the emote box with nox...


When in a call in DMs it puts a white bar at the bottom part of the call space. When on home and not a server the settings section (same with VC, or livestream controls) disappear.


Im having this problem as well, hopefully he can make a fix


Seems fixed on the current version.


Nvm but can you pls fix the cut off its very annoying. I like the theme but the cut off is stopping me


The text box is cut off, the little thing with our profil in the left bottom corner isn't here when i'm in private group/dm and when i'm in a private call there's a white box who spawn on the button to leave, mute.. (sorry if this isn't very understandable ^^')


The text box to send message has text that's way too low. It's cut off for me.


Fixes are in progress.

Tristan Haddock

Its cut off for me also