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17th April, 2019


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A easily customizable and automatically updating theme.

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Ricardo Filipe Tinoco

can you fix the them for the double column its bugged idk about the other but the player list in all server is bugged it shows default discord

Crazy Nerd

does this mean it can take more then 100 servers?


Anime on the background - Mushishi or Master Musi.

Hamdan.7 Gamer


bangkai muda

how do i change the transparency to lighter?
rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8) this code is the default one

Lolita Blue

how do i change the font?

Rogério oficial roblox



I tried to add: "--selected-list-bg-color: rgba(138,43,226, .3);" to change the background of selected members or friends, and not just have the color change when I hover it but it didn't work inside the root or below it. How do I add that/can you add it to the code?