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26th September, 2019

No Game No Life

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No Game No Life

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asdwa dsaed

so i think i found the fix you cant use a copy of the file only the original file hope it helps worked for me

Kenrod Land

Me gusta y todo, pero hay algo que no me atrae y es que los emojis normales son demasiado grandes ¿alguien me ayuda que puedo hacer?


There is a small bug in the code that is missing a few zeros for the colors, for example instead of 0.3 it is written there only .3, so it has to be fixed, the repair itself took only about 5 minutes. Otherwise it is well done

Sir Pancake

I redownloaded it and its still gray for the text and voice channels


If it's broken for you. Download the theme again, worked for me.


isn't worked for me

Sir Pancake

yea the solution didnt work for me either


For some reason it stopped working for the text and voice channels so now its just gray in that area, any fixes?


i suggest not using a gay theme

Lilly Entity

yeah I've got the same problem...also womp47 if its such a "gay theme" then why did you click here? Just to comment? lmao

Little xd

it happened, uh.
please fix if anyone reads this :D

Toto Lee

same i also want a fix plssss

sebastian agudelo

puedes hacer uno de HENTAI?


It won't load onto discord it just shows the basic background


i found it :,D i love it!!


Can you make a Roronoa Zoro one please?

coco arevalo

ese ,e gusta

Otormiefe Dafinone

Where did you get the wallpaper


can you please make a ZeroTwo one pls?

Asta furry

i love this theme

Shinobis Sneaky

The roles in server settings still have a grey box around them :p

Amanda Moreno

no se puede descargar F


¿Qué error recibes al intentar descargar el archivo?


can you please change something about the black frame part on the top cause it bother's a little bit xD Thx for reading

Ali 35

The person on the far left is a trap ^^

Uwu Killer


Ali 35

plump Stoker is his name

he is from the 4th light novel but you can see him in the Anime too.

You can see a photo of him, but only very briefly once in the series(Anime) and once in the film. The
scenes where you can see him are in the end of the series(Anime) and film.