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5th March, 2018

Material Discord

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A theme based on Google's Material Design

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any updates ? this is a cool theme but some it conflict with the new discord


Not sure which version of the theme you're using, but it's up-to-date.


please give me to the old version.


Great Theme! However, when i go into a new server, the red new mentions appears for 1 second and then dissapears. Can you fix that?


very nice work!


Not Bad, i like it, but. . .

When I use the "BetterRoleColors" plugin, when a user mentions someone else with a special color role, the mention doesn't have that color (the plugin allows this to happen from seeing the role's color by mentioning it) and I am It does something sad not to see it since I have gotten used to seeing it like this.

I hope they/you can fix it soon,

without more to say, good theme!


Looks really nice

Pengy Knox

I have problems viewing Images