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6th February, 2020

Discord Chat Revert

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Reverts Discord's chat design to the prior design. Supports both compact and cozy options.

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??? I don't see any difference between this and the current UI


When was the last update? Either im using it wrong or it not working.


Currently the most recent message shows a weird gap compared to other messages


do you plan on reverting the call ui as well?

Chill pill 21 take one

whats the difference? i cant use eyes properly


Seems to not work anymore on
Revert Theme 05/03/2020
Stable 57113 (e6e6ae0)
BBD 0.3.2 (14e18c7)


The theme is now fixed for the latest update.


Thank and bless you uwu
Yes the main discord frame is back to normal, just the RMB on a message menu pop up is still on the new version