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24th June, 2020


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Highly customizable theme for BetterDiscord, including coloring, background images, blur percentages, font changing, and more.

Official presets, as well as a customization guide are available in the support Discord server.

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Is there a actual source for the background you used for this picture or was it exclusively created for the theme? Either way, is it possible I could see the full thing? Kind of want to use it for my desktop background


can i change the background walpaper ??

Haocheng Huang aka Ghvst

yes, you can


annen amk cocu


How do you change chat text color? I only seem to be able to change the accent colors. Your customization faq in your Discord doesn't seem to cover this either.

Death note

clear vision é de 62 bits ou de 32 bits???

Haocheng Huang aka Ghvst

Is it possible to tint the background?


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the scroll bar in settings was removed when i downloaded it so now i cant get to where my plugins and themes are to turn the theme off? im not sure what to do


You should just be able to use the scroll wheel.

Zane DragonBorn

how do you customize it?


All you need to do is open up the ClearVision.theme.css in a text editor.

Quintin Turnbow

How do I edit the channel text color? (I'd love to make it white so it's easier to read)


Join our Discord server for a customization guide. (Click on my profile)


e+q flash yasu 800k