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28th July, 2019

Calm and Clean Streets

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Just a peaceful, calm and clean streets that someone can easily walk on

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Matthew Nguyen

anyone else's background black?


how i change black color on profile card ?


i love this theme but its bugged for me ;-;


yeah same :(


is there anyway to fix it

Mathias Lefebvre

" }

.container-3w7J-x {
background-color: transparent;
at the end of the code to fix it

Dereck Rivera

mathias you are a god thank you


still lost af on how to us the code but i really miss this theme


@barry .container-3w7J-x {
background-color: transparent;
} he put " }

.container-3w7J-x {
background-color: transparent;
}" an extra { at the top


@barry move the file to downloads and right click it, it should show edit and scroll down to the bottom and copy paste this into the bottom : .container-3w7J-x {
background-color: transparent;

Isaiah Rodriguez

theres has been a bug with this theme where when you click on a server the channel list looks like the normal discord color i really like this theme and was wondering if theres a way to fix this problem

Iskander Elkilany

yah it's for every theme for me rn i hate it

Mathias Lefebvre

" }

.container-3w7J-x {
background-color: transparent;
at the end of the code to fix it

João V

Its pretty but a little weird to read

William Nguyen

Where is the image from

Nancy Wu

i think it's from "your name"

Mathias Lefebvre

Great theme, only problem I've faced is the text being lower than the highlighted area when hovering, this gets kinda confusing when trying to edit a message but is not too big of a deal.


Compact glitches the text on this theme.

zureta st

Hey, so, after a while it just show a black background I tried to change to light mode and then change back to the dark, but no differences


Only have a black background now


cough cough quarantine