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26th September, 2019

Boku No Hero Academia

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Boku No Hero Academia

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JJJoako correa

porque no me deja aplicarlo al discord?


Can you make Mirai Nikki theme please?

Eduar Nuñez

¿puedes hacer uno de Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)?


Puedes hacer uno de one piece o de Sword Art Online pls?

Taki Conn

Can you make Given (yaoi anime) ???


Make Dbz theme pls

Lwky Lion

Can you make Assassination classroom?

Joaquin Castillo

can you make a Zero two

League Of Games

você poderia fazer um de Shingeki no Kyojin pls

Lucius Maerz

can you make a One Piece one

FiringBlazes - Minecraft & More

Can you make one with Naruto in Six Paths or SCM mode? Or like with Sasuke, Sakura, and everyone else?


thank you


I very much agree with zero two



Dav1d Or3llana

please make zenitsu or killua wallpaper


Hey, can you make a theme with only Deku and Todoroki, and make the background Bakugo in his hero form being mad? If you can please contact my discord Mask#5870

SmothBottom69 HEHEHEHEHE

Can we get a Darling in the franxx background or atleast a zerotwo background im begging you

{[?x gl????]}

potresti farne uno su bakugou plz?


is there any demon slayer theme?? if anyone made it or has a link i whould appreciate giving it to me <3

Jotaro Kujo

mind if you make one punch man theme?
thx for this theme tho :)

Shiryu San

Por Favor fassa uns do Blue Exorcist se puder por favor


if you dont mind make one of Itachi Uchiha


Make a Sword Art Online One Please? :D Thanks for this one tho :)

Kristhian Asmad - 2 B


Thien Hoang

Could you make one with alot of waifus?


can you please make Weathering with you version ?