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25th March, 2019

Black Hole

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A dark theme that is littered with stars

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it´s so amazing


the text bar going all the way past where it usually ends is kind of annoying, i was wondering if there is a fix for this?


how to change the bbackground of the theme??
someone help plz!


How do I equip it?


Love it ! no more problems ?

Papi Francesco

The server users window remains the default one


it normally doesn't. After I logged off my PC for the day, I came back the next and the panel was once again fixed. It usually looks like the rest of the chatbox which is what it returned to after the default grey discord look.


The server users panel is the default and does not share the same space picture as the chatbox. I'm assuming this is with a betterdiscord update?


I can't seem to download any themes, is it just me or is this a public problem?


I was able to download themes and use them fine. Is the download button just not working?

ZeroTwo what this called

Mr ZomboED

Update pls!


The stars don't show up, how do I fix this? It's just a black background.