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18th January, 2019

Adjustable Server Width

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Make the server list smaller or larger. Customizable in the theme file.

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how do i get (or if u can give me ) the folder thing cuz it looks cool and i have a lot of channels and it not organized


Are you serious? It's a native Discord feature. Just drag 1 server over another.


How do i add this to Discord PTB?


Just install BetterDiscord to PTB

Avery Fink

Just use "ctrl" and "+" or "ctrl" and "-" to make smaller or bigger. No need for this

Avery Fink

But it changes everything, so I recommend using this theme our friend has made


Awesome, works fine for me. Just a note...using BBD's minimal mode with this seems to negate the ability to change container padding.


what is the command for this plugin to work?


No command, just drag the downloaded file into your themes folder and enable it in BD settings


I dont know what I did, but it made my server list vanish. I cannot get it back. I have changed everything back to default, but no hope

Pablo Arce

I dont know why the plugin doesn't show up


Is it just me or does changing the font size not do anything. It looks the same as before, and I went to very small and large values.


This theme as nothing to do with font sizes


Could you tell me how to specifically change the size of the server icons? When I open and edit the file, what do I type in there?


Dude. It literally says....

:root {
    --server-icon-size: 35px; /* Size of the server icons | DEFAULT: 35px */

Just change the 35px; to whatever. Example: 45px;


How do I change the size of notification indicators along with the size of the server icons?


Open the .css file in Notepad.

You should see options pertaining to the customizable aspects. For example, the "server-icon-size" can be altered by changing the value adjacent to it.

G7 Alisson

Do you have a version for the channel and member columns?




And will you do? It will be so much good! :D


Poderia fazer isso, só que para o nome de usuário!


how do i make it smaller/bigger?


You can change this by opening and editing the theme file

Ashlee J

Is there any way this could be applied to the channels and (to the right of servers) and the Members (Far left side) so that are squooshed?


No. They would need to be completely new themes and I don't feel like doing that.