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13th September, 2020


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See every status a user has enabled. Original made by Juby210#0577.

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Elec tricz

Somehow i cant enable plugins and themes in betterdiscord. if i add them into the right folder they will popup in discord like this:

Otte van der Knaap


Møe- Chan

entao e..como mexo nisso???

ZiVeX Yurii

how can i add it to discord

Emily Faulkner

first you need to get better discord, then you need to download the plugin and add it to the plugin folder in the plugins menu


If you have any issues please create a issue on GitHub or in my Support Server.

Why? i'm not really active on this site, so i don't see if you have issues.

Also!! Please don't send me friend request.

1ts GooB

whats your support server?

1ts GooB

could you put a link in your comment


just go to his profile lol

Awkairo Gotyay

This is amazing! Thank you!

Mad Mex

Gac?lar Dm