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20th January, 2020


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Adds a mobile indicator for all status types, including Idle and Do Not Disturb. Only works in the guild member list for now.

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Derebeary Li

Is there any way I can get this working on the friends list?


Someone already said that it was incompatible with StatusEverywhere, but I've found that it keeps people on the mobile status it senses first. even if it changes.

For example, I had the idle (orange) mobile icon for one of my friends. However, maybe about 20 mins later, StatusEverywhere said that they were in fact online, but MobileForAll still had the idle (orange) mobile icon. So I turned off MobileForAll and reloaded discord and low and behold, StatusEverywhere was correct and an online (green) mobile icon appeared for my friend.

I forgot to get a screenshot, but that's pretty much what happened.


Only works in servers :/


the plugin just work in servers

Lucas Bairros

this works with Radial Status?


How do I use it help


Doesn't work on profile popups and on the friend list. I'm also using StatusEverywhere plugin and it isn't compatible with that, but that doesn't really matter cause it would be hard to make it compatible. Thanks if you can fix the profile popup, and the friend list one. Otherwise I don't have any other issues with the plugin. Nice one.

Corey Eats Socks

works on the sidebar but when i click on a user it goes to normal one.


it isn't working for idling users


it isn't working at all