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7th September, 2020

Hide Channels

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Allows you to hide the channels list in servers and DMs

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Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for this feature?

Otherwise, really neat!


Not currently, but I can see about adding it. No guarantees though.


which theme is that ?


One of the themes I made; Material Discord.

Kaizo Kat

I just wanted to let you know there is a bug with the plugin. if it's used with a custom theme the speech box where you type is surrounded in a grey rectangle in the normal discord color, if you can fix that it be great :>


Theme dev here: Plugins are optimized to work with default discord alone, and it's the theme developer's fault if theres conflicts. I suggest contacting the creator of your theme for them to add support.


Neat feature, I would love to see it implemented to discord, officially.

Langdon Van Remortel

i installed the plugin, how long will it take to activate


You have to enable it in your plugins list.