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7th September, 2020

Hide Channels

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Allows you to hide the channels list in servers and DMs

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Really nice plugin, works perfectly! There is a bit of a weird transition when VC is connected with the username module but that's only when it's hiding or showing channels/dms which I don't switch too often. Thanks :)

that one guy

Hi it seems whenever i download this pluggin it doesnt function properly, such as it doesnt go to my downloads file and even if i open the file destination with my browser and drag it into the pluggin folder it doesnt work. and to clearify that its not my pc or browser i have downloaded some other pluggins too


Interesting. When you download the plugin, what's the file size? For reference, the source code is 9kb.


Lol, this is absolutely broken and unfunctionable.


Fantastic criticism... Mind explaining what's wrong? Or do you want me to treat you like an ass too?

Aditya Sharma

I discovered a little bug in it, whenever I start a call or join a voice channel, the toggle button disappears, otherwise the theme is working properly as expected. Please look into my problem. I am using a custom CV theme


Plugins are designed to work with vanilla Discord, not themes. Theme developers have to make it so plugins work fine with their theme(s). As of now, the plugin is working as intended with vanilla Discord, so you'll have to contact the theme developer to get it fixed, sorry.

Aditya Sharma

The thing is, it's having problems in vanilla discord too. I found another bug where if I click the home button, and the toggle button stops working.


I have noticed that for some reason, on rare occasions, it adds another toggle button that causes it to not function at all. I haven't figured out what causes it to do that. For the time being, I'll push an update that'll remove all toggle buttons. You may or may not have to re-enable it afterwards.

Aditya Sharma

It happens when you are already on home screen and re-trigger home button. Okay looking forward to the update. Hope you fix it.


I found the issue and have it fully fixed. It'll be in v1.0.6.

Aditya Sharma

Hey buddy, good work on fixing the home button toggle issue. I don't want to criticize, but the bug where the toggle button disappears on starting a call is still there. Can you look into that also, please?


Amazing plugin! This solves the issue of discord using way too much screen space, however one small nitpick I have is that because the account information bar isn't hidden, the text input can become quite small when the window is shrunk, example It would be greatly appreciated if there was an option or fix for this, but otherwise thanks so much for your work on this plugin :)


I can take a look at adding a toggle for the status area.


so i have this bug where the arrow doesn't show and i am stuck in the hidden channels,
can you please help?
also i have no themes on atm. ALSO i have tried to delete the plugin and it STILL doesn't work
SO SOMEONE ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's weird because disabling the theme should revert it back to normal. If you go to your plugins list, there's a button at the top that says "Open plugin folder"; click that to verify that the plugin file is actually gone. If it isn't, delete it, then redownload the plugin and enable it. Doing that should fix any issues you have.


thanks very cool

No Am

Thx its very cool

Romario Dunbos

Thank you, nice addon but could you make it the opposite way? Seems I need to watch channels more often than the user list. Hide all list or show only avatars or first 3 letters. Resizeable columns would be nice :D


The members list is already collapsible. Regarding only showing avatars, that can easily be done with a theme rather than adding it to the plugin.


but you can add it as Optional on/off feature, I need that too, not all of us has the theme done that


The following code will make it so only avatars are visible in the members list. Add it to your custom css.

.membersWrap-2h-GB4 {
    min-width: 66px;

.members-1998pB {
    width: 66px;

ty <3


how do i use this i downloaded it and everything but it won't work pls help


You have to enable it after putting the file in your plugins folder.

Klepto Soup

Is there any way to get it to detect lightmode? or is that something that isn't possible

Klepto Soup

that was so fast, thank you!


Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for this feature?

Otherwise, really neat!


Not currently, but I can see about adding it. No guarantees though.


which theme is that ?


One of the themes I made; Material Discord.

Kaizo Kat

I just wanted to let you know there is a bug with the plugin. if it's used with a custom theme the speech box where you type is surrounded in a grey rectangle in the normal discord color, if you can fix that it be great :>


Theme dev here: Plugins are optimized to work with default discord alone, and it's the theme developer's fault if theres conflicts. I suggest contacting the creator of your theme for them to add support.


Neat feature, I would love to see it implemented to discord, officially.

Langdon Van Remortel

i installed the plugin, how long will it take to activate


You have to enable it in your plugins list.