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24th November, 2018

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Displays the Creation Date of an Account in the UserPopout and UserModal.

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Hunter Smith

as of 6/20/20 it will not let me set my custom set up or anyset up for that. other than that it works amazingly

Alexy Bergia

don't work

Crazy Nerd

why doesnt this one work? itll be so useful

jenpol 22

trés utile ce plugin



Why when I put the plugin it gives me the following error message: Could not be compiled. error: META was not found.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Have a good day !


how do i change the date format

Chill pill 21 take one

Im not the creator but you can go in to the js script and change the format. if its easy? it depends on how well the code is made.

Chill pill 21 take one

if so u need nodejs


well its hard to get the format