V2.0 (September 24th, 2020)
  • Complete rework.
  • Removed jQuery and SwupJS
    jQuery was nice but had a lot of bloat that I didn't need. So now I'm using axios with my own personal mini library. SwupJS looked nice but added a lot barriers to making the site.
  • Removed reviews in favour of comments
    I removed reviews because I couldn't be bothered with the system. Plus most of the "reviews" were just people asking questions.
  • Made all profiles public.
    • Other users can now view your profile. Your likes and comments can be publicly viewed there.
  • Added likes
    • Liking a theme or plugin will make it easier for you to find it in the future. Also give the dev(s) some love.
  • Changed the alerts system.
  • Dashboard rework.
    • Sign out all other saved sessions from other computers.
    • Linkable Discord tag and Github profile.
  • 3 Themes now available: Dark, Night and Light.
    • Select a theme at the bottom right of each page.
  • General cleaning of the UI.
    • Tabs are now handled a lot better than before