V1.6 (September 6th, 2019)

  • Updates will be slowing down from now on as I am learning Object Oriented Programming PHP.
  • Reworked alerts.
  • Changed home page banner.
    • Now displays random theme.
  • Fixed hiding panels in Dashboard.
  • Added erorr "Nothing found" error for quick search.
  • Fixed edited replies and reviews dates.
  • Fixed Markdown styling not being applied to reviews and replies.

V1.15 (August 30th, 2019)

  • Added Forgot Password system.
  • Added "Update email" panel if user doesn't have an email attached to their account.
    • This is mostly for GitHub users who do not have any public Emails.
  • Reverted global search to a AJAX live search.
  • Fixed Adding and Editing Themes & Plugins.
  • Fixed Developer updating their socials and support server.
  • Slightly change User dropdown to display logged in User and email.
  • Fixed users trying to register and forgot password emailing error.
  • Stopped caching of some javascript files.

V1.14 (August 29th, 2019)

  • Added total download counters
  • Fixed pinning reviews.
  • Stopped css from caching.
  • Increased size of "Read more" replies to 4.

V1.13 (August 28th, 2019)

V1.12 (August 27th, 2019)

  • Reworked Login & Register systems.
    • Not only do they look a lot better, they now use jQuery ajax for live error handlers. NO MORE RELOADING THE PAGE!
  • Reworked global navigation bar to better suit new layout.
  • Added Welcome page to tell users that BDL is not associated with BetterDiscord.
  • Removed Light Theme as I couldn't get it to work properly.
  • Allows for underscores to be used in Theme/Plugin names.
  • Fixed resend email bug.
  • Slightly changed global search page.
  • Removed signup page as it's not needed.

V1.11 (August 15th, 2019)

  • Fixed alert system.
  • New fancy jQuery ajax modals.
    • I removed most of inline modals to allow for easier management and cleaner code.
    • Affected areas: Deleting account and Deleting theme/plugin.
    • Added user modals for moderators to make it easier to check a users review & reply history.
  • Changed mod reviews table to html tables.
  • Dev panel now displays correct information if select Theme or Plugin.
  • Added Github markdown support for reviews and replies with Parsedown PHP.
  • Updated global search page.
  • Updated Dashboard.
    • Left side navigation will now stay closed if user clicked collapse.
    • Added live preview for changing avatars.
  • Fixed "indended" typo.
  • Fixed deleting reviews and replies for moderators.
  • Extended character length in reviews and replies to 1,000.
  • Fixed banning users.

V1.10 (August 15th, 2019)

  • Added alert system.
    • Alerts when someone posts on your Theme, Plugin or reply.

V1.9.1 (July 16th, 2019)

  • Updated Developer profile page.
  • Fixed users not being able to login through GitHub.

V1.9 (July 16th, 2019)

  • Reworked reviews.
    • Users can now reply to a review if that user is asking for help.
    • Authors can post a review but is pinned.
    • Users can lock their review.
      • No replies can be posted to that review.
    • Added common error handlers.
  • Minor adjustments to Theme and Plugin pages.
  • Developers can now add their Patreon link.
  • Reworked custom embeds.
    • Now displays: Name, authors, first picture and description.

V1.8.1 (July 16th, 2019)

  • Set editing/posting reviews to Houston Texas.

V1.8 (July 20th, 2019)

  • Reworked Dashboard
    • Made the layout a lot less gluttered.
    • Split "Themes" and "Plugins" panels to different tabs for Developers.
  • HOPEFULY fixed reviews being posted on the wrong Theme/Plugin.
  • Removed add.php and admin.php since both have been moved into the Dashboard.
  • Added banning system.
    • Once banned, all the users reviews, upvotes and downvotes will be removed and they can no longer login to their account.
  • Added Moderator permissions.
    • Moderators can use all reviews and remove them if they deem it necessary.
      • Up/down votes attached will be removed.
  • Added current page classes to navigation.
  • Added Theme/Plugin visibility.
    • Visible = Will display on /themes, /plugins, home and Developer pages.
    • Hidden = Won't display on /themes, /plugins, home and Developer pages. But is still accessible via the url.
  • Added (edited) tag to reviews that have been edited. Edited date will show on hover.

V1.7.1 (July 16th, 2019)

  • Reworked Theme and Plugin pages
    • Moved important information to the left side bar.
    • Posting/editing reviews are a lot less glitchy.
    • Added character counter to review textarea.
    • Allowed linebreaks in review textarea.
  • Allowed Devs to add their PayPal.Me link to display on their profile and theme/plugin pages.
  • Added sort by date on Themes and Plugins pages

V1.7 (July 14th, 2019)

  • Reworked Themes and Plugins pages
    • Moved search and filters to left side to allow for easier responsiveness.
    • Added Compact option to allow for more Themes/Plugins to be displayed at once but at a cost of information.
  • Removed users ability to delete reviews.
  • Moved global search to nav bar.

V1.6.5 (July 13th, 2019)

  • Added statuses
  • Added stat counters to developer pages.

V1.6.4 (July 4th, 2019)

  • Touched up the search page.
    • Can no longer search nothing.
  • Developer profile page now display's "oh no" message if search bar finds nothing.
  • Added theme/plugin counters below the developers name on Developers page.
  • Made tag buttons smaller to allow more to fit on the screen for resolutions below 1720px.

V1.6.3 (June 24th, 2019)

  • Users can now delete reviews.
    • Deleting the account will not delete reviews with it.
  • Added resending verification email
    • This will only work 10 minutes per email after signing up.
  • Made adding reviews more reliable.
  • Remember me function for logging in.
    • Only works for BetterDiscordLibrary accounts and only remembers the username.

V1.6.2 (June 23rd, 2019)

  • Fixed Login & Register pages.
    • Readded error handlers.
    • Fixed users not being able to login (User doesn't exist error).
  • Adding/editing/deleting are more stable (Fixed conflicting code).
  • Fixed adding/editing Themes and Plugins.
    • A refresh is no longer required when editing.
    • Added error handlers for the use of special characters for theme/plugin names.
  • Fixed BDL created accounts not being able to change their password or profile picture.

V1.6.1 (June 22nd, 2019)

  • Allowed Devs to add Themes and Plugins
  • Live preview link
    • Opens a new tab and displays the user what that theme would roughly look like when applied.
  • New Login & Signup pages.

V1.6 (June 21st, 2019)

  • Added GitHub login.
  • Added error page if theme/plugin doesn't exist.
  • Changes global search.
    • Will now display search results on another page and shows more details.