About / FAQ's

What is BetterDiscordLibrary?

BetterDiscord basically acts as a direct clone of the BetterDiscord #offical list channels. Hosting all accepted Themes and Plugins.

Note: BetterDiscordLibrary is NOT associated with BetterDiscord.

I see my Theme or Plugin but didn't permit it to being on this website.

If this is the case, I will gladly take it down. Just send me a message on DiscordGibbu#1211 or Twitter

How do I submit my Theme or Plugin to this website?

You MUST have your Theme or Plugin approved and accepted on the BetterDiscord Discord servers. Once approved and inside the #offical list channels send me a Gibbu#1211Discord message and I will turn your account to a developer account so you can also post your theme on here.

What information do you collect?

No information is collected.